Headless Horseman-boss Towers of Doom Overview

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Headless Horseman - boss Towers of Doom Overview

In my opinion this character would be a lot to play.

When you think of a character to play in this game, you also take into account the fun it can give players.

He would be a melee damage hero.

I'm sure most of the players would buy this character and have fun while they play.

Remembering that the laughter has to have obligatorily during the game and as a speech option. And also the classic phrases of this character are very funny.

This character would add a lot in that game.

Think Blizzard with a lot of dedication. Put this character in the game.
No other heroes/villains that can be added far ahead than HH. Keep this boss as an objective.
For now i'm with Groovy as much as HH might be fun to play he should remain unique to showing up in the Raven Lords realm (maybe in comics too for !@#$s and gigs).

I do want a HH Announcer though for Halloween.

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