I am tired of your matchmaking system

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Dear Blizzard,
How is it possible that nowadays your matchmaking system is so poor?
It is impossible to get a promotion on low leagues
I have been trying for days to get to Silver 4, and I get nothing but matched with terrible players
I am always in the top 5, and most of the times the match MVP
But still, your matchmaking system is so damn broken that when I am on promotion game , you match me with the worst in class players. Players that even do not know how to ban heroes, players that are so bad that pick just as they want, without considering the opponent combination
I am sick of this game, I am literally over with Heroes of the storm
And this is your fault
I've been a Blizzard player since 1996, and you literally lost me in this game, I am just sick of it... your first game that makes me feel sick
Thanks Heroes of The Storm Development team
"It is impossible to get a promotion on low leagues" So I guess all the people who've done it just don't exist?

Or the dozens of GM/Master Bronze to Master runs that prove it comes down to personal player skill?


Do you people even read some of the stuff you write anymore?
Hey man, I've been working on a smurf and I just finished climbing out of Gold and into Plat. For the most part it's been pretty smooth sailing, but there are some bad eggs that like to start some drama and bull!@#$ as soon as the players hit the lobby and some pretty horrendous, bad, just really, bad, decisionmaking.

If you're trying to hurry up the macro game with aggressive calls, even if you're just punishing a teamwipe, often times you have to exercise some restraint (it's hard) and put on the brakes. Some of your team in Silver/Gold just aren't going to understand that wiping the enemy team = you take as much as you possibly can get away with, be it a keep, boss, fort, fountain, camp, whatever, you take as much as possible. And often times, your silver and gold teammates won't want to have anything to do with that, they'll go get OUR camp or just clear some waves, because they have no idea what is happening.

So here's what I've learned: be assertive about your pick, and pick someone who can push hard and take camps. You want to be able to capitalize on stuff by yourself. If you're playing someone who can push a lane hard and take camps in Gold/Silver, it doesn't really even matter if your team feeds before the objective sometimes. Because depending on your enemies, you can just go take their buildings while they take the objective, or you can be the one punishing super hard off of teamwipes. If your team sees you doing a thing and doing it pretty well, they're more likely to respond and help you do it than if you're a support. "Stukov, you shouldn't be pushing their keep, idiot! You're a healer you should be with the team making this idiot-%^- call with us" compared to "Wow Greymane almost has that keep down we need to get over there and finish that *!@# off"

It's not a silver or gold-level maneuver, it takes map awareness and a judgement call of how committed you think the enemy team is to what they're currently doing, but so often you can just look at the map, see where your enemies are, and if they're busy, you push on the other side, literally every opportunity you get you hard push. Obviously it's better to be with your team when you're actually at an advantageous or equal position, but when a teammate feeds at level 18 right before a Punisher phase starts (Hi this is your 4th attempt at promotion game tonight, are you mad yet?), you're obviously not taking that objective over your enemy. Normally players in silver/gold see this and think "Well $%^-ing GG then, we can't win the punisher so they get this for free" and they'll sit back and poke and throw some spells in uselessly, trying to make some impact, maybe they'll even feed themselves, but IMAGINE THIS:

a world where Greymane on your team instantly sees that person dies, and rotates to bot lane where a minion wave is pushed up to their keep walls, and he starts SHREDDING the keep walls. Your team is still mostly posted up around the objective, and with them you can see they still have all 5 on the shrine. Your Brightwing sees you as Greymane now attacking their keep and its health is falling FAST, she TPs on you and starts helping you and it's gone. Your other 2 teammates have vision of at least 2-3 of them and you just hearth in place, you defend the punisher easily as 4 as many of them just now finally backed to deal with the fact that you just backdoored a keep (they shouldn't have backed, it's too late).

This kind of thing happens all the time in these low leagues so it's really important to be aware of it and use it to your advantage. If your team feeds, use that lost objective as bait to just... go and take their keep. I won a bunch of the gold games by doing this with Sonya and CHEN lol.

Also, remember this: You may not feel like a gold or silver player. You may feel or know you're at least plat, or diamond, or whatever. But even if you are GM, you make mistakes sometimes. SOMETIMES. The better you are the fewer but THE BEST IN THE WORLD are the ones who are not making mistakes very often, not you or me, so ALWAYS, ALWAYS be honest with yourself about the mistakes YOU made. It hurts when you're on a smurf and you make a game-losing decision in a low-league HL game, because you know it was you, but you also know if your team didn't make the *!@#ing 1425 mistakes they made and if they ever literally ever did anything to punish the enemy team on the map besides clearing waves and taking their own camps, you wouldn't have been in the position to lose the game off of the mistake you made. But even so, if you take responsibility for that mistake and you make sure to look for that same opportunity in the next game and consciously sieze it, you will be playing with the discipline of a MUCH higher-rated player than whatever rank you are currently at. That is the habit of the best in the world, so just know that when you take ownership of that bull$%^- you accidentally did in a Silver-level game, you're thinking like a professional player or top GM.

It mostly gets better in Master, and chances are, if you like this game a lot and you think you're pretty good, master and GM are where you want to be, and expect to run into a lot of really just idiotic behavior up through Diamond, just accept it, make it up to Master and you'll be playing with people who are very conscious and thoughtful of the game, or you could skip the grind and simply join one of the amateur communities like the NGS, Nexus Gaming Series, which is a (iirc) bi-annual tournament series put on by a small group of people featuring this season over 180 5-man teams, all with their own rosters, substitutes, logos; spread across I think 5 divisions going by HotSlogs MMR, you'd be playing with people who take the game seriously and have MMR anywhere from Gold to Grandmaster, I'd say the average participant is high plat-Diamond, and you can just join the community and play with the people who are there, and get as involved as you want. Here's a link to their discord: https://discord.gg/Qjq3g4

Good luck fam. Low-league promotion games honestly get me heated. It's annoying as hell going at an 85% winrate with Deckard Cain, getting to a promotion game, and the team is like, they can't win. It doesn't matter, shotcall, whatever, the team will do their own thing and go feed and then fight and AFK and you lose, and it's like, that just seems to happen way more in promotion games. Winning two in a row in Gold for me seemed like no problem, but every promotion game I had to come at like 2-4 times before I broke through. Now I have to do it all again in Platinum, and then once I get to Diamond I'll be higher than my main acct and I'LL STILL BE CLIMBING BABY HERE I COME
09/16/2018 08:49 PMPosted by Nigma
So I guess all the people who've done it just don't exist?

It's unfair that you need to be Master skill to climb out of Plat. You shouldn't get bad teammates just because you're on your promo game after a winstreak.

Why can't we just treat players fairly?

We all know who the losers in each bracket are. They're the casuals, the afks, the feeders, the trolls, and the carried trash. Let them play with each other.

Forcing winners to carry losers is a horrible system.

The winners can't climb. The losers can't fall.

Blizzard's no noob left behind matchmaking cripples us good players.

09/16/2018 09:16 PMPosted by Ekata
I've been working on a smurf and I just finished climbing out of Gold and into Plat.

You need to break up your sentences a little more. Double the paragraphs at least.

Also you're like Master, of course you can carry Gold. But imagine how frustrating it is for regular players to get matched with horrible players during promo games. It's absolutely infuriating to know that you were set up to lose your promo.
I agree there are a few master level skill level players that can team kill the other team so that can get out of the lower ranks.

However, if you exclude them for those of us that are good, we can't climb out due being stuck with afk's and trolls on our team.

I am talking about morons that walk down the same lane till they die and never go to the objective.

Compare this to SC 2, where I am double plat in rank. This is because I can play 1v1 or 2v2 and don't need to carry 4 other retards, just sometimes I need to carry a single retard.

Trust me, you can't carry 4 morons by yourself.
Also this game seems to be dying due to bad matchmaking and bad reporting system. Right now my queue is over 400 secs for HL, and I notice the same morons in the following game if I play 2 times in a row.

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