to those that claim they dont force 50/50

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09/19/2018 02:46 PMPosted by McNasty
In SC2 its well known that the MM system is designed to keep your MMR at 50/50.

You will frequently get people 500 MMR higher than you if you are on a winning streak. Its the games way of testing you if you really do belong to rank up.

I dont see why they wouldnt use a system like that in HoTS. Sure feels like it to me.

This would work if it was presented to you publicly. Like hey your team is evenly skilled and the opponent going to be more difficult to challenge you and look here's the point adjustment expressing the handicap. No, it simply gives you pot(head)ato teammates that are afk to clean up their !@#$water that they spilled. Or drunk larry that's killing time before work or he's off work and drinking and somehow has the same MMR as you even though that's his regular habit.


There's more problems than the game simply "testing you." The game is designed to be addictive and the fact that they never fixed the misplacements shows that it wouldn't matter.
09/19/2018 02:42 PMPosted by Lightning
Since we're clearly not getting it, why don't you spell out point-for-point why what we're talking about is a myth (except for damage numbers being tweaked, I agree with you there). Because all I see in this thread are one-liners and rhetorical questions, which have never passed as legitimate arguments.
I don't want to try to disprove stuff even you don't believe in, so list your points and I'll do my best I guess.
09/18/2018 01:21 PMPosted by KYX
To those that claim that global warming doesn't exist, it was warm today.

Earth has had warming and cooling cycles for millions of years. Just because we have the technology to monitor one of the warming cycles doesn't mean it hasn't happened before and is completely natural.
09/18/2018 11:05 AMPosted by Candy
and that the game doesnt force you to lose if you won too many on HL, there was a match where the score was 1-20 and sometimes not everyone would go to the obj or was laning too for too long.

But sure, keep pretending the game doesnt force loses.

I thought you went to LOL or Dota to be with a game that has objects and the illusion of choice...

But yet here we are again....
I'm pretty sure OP is a joke >.< sorry you got all those downvotes, I thought it was really funny!

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