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Kinda need to vent after a craptacular QM. Friggin Hammer+Zarya+Whitemane against us, and even with our Azmodan being stacked by 10 we couldn’t do anything to them.

Hammer with Zarya and an effectively manaless healer is such BS to deal with.
I dunno, maybe focus the healer first? I suppose if your team doesn't have any decent way to isolate someone, it can be painful, but target prioritization is usually what is needed against a comp like that.
Why do you rage about Qm combs like anything could be done about it. It's a random system that is only made so some WoW players can role play as the lich king. At least that is what it was intended for and that is the reason why Hots flopped cos the competetive play is only now just recently gotten good and balanced.

Play HL cos thats what Blizzard is improving. Hope for Qm is pointless.

Edit: I posted this is another thread that should backup this statement:

09/14/2018 05:36 PMPosted by Ainz
It's because they dont want maps to be only available in Unranked.

There shall be nothing exclusive for unranked/qm mode.

The reason is pure focus on the future:
The current playerbase mainly plays Qm which is though not a gameplay mode that will lurk ppl from other mobas.

Actually QM is the mode that is the burden of hots not getting the ppl from other mobas.

Blizzard cant however remove Qm because they'd loose the playerbase to get the other ppl into hots.

I came from Dota2. I didnt like Qm at all and all ppl who didnt start hots said. "Stay away from that casual game."
But I tryed it and by now I have more playtime in hots than in dota.

They removed GoT because it was a Map that contradicts with the philosophy of team fighting a lot cos GoT is the only map in the game where you consistently race the core every few games with 2 terrors.
Where u can try to do strategies that involve ignoring the enemy team getting seeds and pushing them away.

It's obvious why the map cant be in HGC though for unranked the map is fine.
Why tho remove it?

Well as I said, the map does the competetive scene no good and might make ppl play Unranked over HL because of the existance of a map there.

I will miss the Garden of Terror map but we can be certain of 1 thing.

Blizzard will (this change proofs it) not invest their money into Qm system.
The Qm players have no other game that offers this gameplay
the HL ppl however have other games that offer this gameplay

the majority of the genre likes HL better than QM and the hots playerbase likes Qm better. However hots doesnt have all that many players.

The focus of Blizzard is definitely to lurk ppl into hots with the eSports and with a better HL system.

I dont see this working out though. But then again I dont have access to their books. Their consultants probably know what they're doing I hope.

My personal opinion is: the old map could stay for unranked I dont see the problem with it and when I play unranked I liked the map more than some others that are actually in HL rotation.

TL:DR: Blizzard focuses on improving the competetive scene for future players cos the Qm ppl have no reason to leave hots though its too few to make this game a success.

I hope this helps some ppl understand what's going on.
QM wasn't built to be good or fair.

The only comps that make me mad... are when the enemy is a perfect counter to you.

I dodge EVERY match that doesn't have a proper Tank and a proper Healer (aka D.va is not a tank and tassadar is not a healer)... Even then i get monster stomps with counter-pick clownfiestas.

So I'm ok with a Chen Dva Vikings Raynor Kharazim comp... unless I get matched against Yrel Kael Medivh Illidan Whitemane.
Im finally going to have to reply to this topic and yes qm is so freaking stupid right now. And inb4 people say, "BuT QM iS SuPPose To bE UnFAir and RAndOM" I was playing almost every day last year 2017 and it has never been this bad. I also would duo on a daily basis and my partner would at least have fun because both sides had almost equally balanced comps so its not a pub stomp over the other. It's so incredibly lopsided games now that people rage some of them being my duos who left the game entirely.

People always forget, forget & forget but It was the changes made during last December when they were trying to adjust mmr changes in qm so people would be matched based on their mmr. Comps actually are more important than mmr, and it was at least playable before. It doesn't matter what mmr you have if you have no dmg hero AT ALL and only have off meta tanks, and 2 specialists with no healers while the enemy team has tanks, 2 dmg dealers and a healer.
And once again, before anyone says "TRY UNRANKED" a lot of people play qm for a reason and it's to play characters they want to play and its all blind fun without being too serious or being forced into a role you don't want to do. It was alright before and a lot of people have noticed and are complaining more and more about matchmaking more than ever so there was an absolute change.

And I also want to note, that blizzard did mention months before that they were providing a fix for these terrible qm changes so it's not a myth or that it was always the same.
Sorry but since u clearly made this thread just to cry I will give u a downvote now.
You are not even in the slightest interested in a discussion to how to resolve this issue for you.
09/19/2018 12:42 PMPosted by Ainz
Sorry but since u clearly made this thread just to cry I will give u a downvote now.
You are not even in the slightest interested in a discussion to how to resolve this issue for you.

You aren't helping this thread either? You come here !@#$%ing about other people and belittling problems of the community so.... We're at least bringing attention to an issue that obviously a lot of casual players are having difficulties with and more than half the time people just deny this and say it's fine and dandy and that's where people come and get more upset. I've always seen posts like this but every day it's becoming more of an occurrence now in qm. I'm almost always having team members who aren't satisfied with qm who say so in chat and I can say that these people either quit or very few of them bring this attention up in the forums but undeniably people are complaining more and more.

And btw I'm not the one who made the thread. This is my first post even bringing attention to this
Yesterday in QM I was in a triple tank comp (muradin, zarya, and ETC) on Infernal Shrines with Nova being our DPS. Mind you our team was better skilled (we had to chain CC just to take down 1 hero which took forever) but we could only clear one lane to the core. We were up on kills (27-25) but eventually loss to the 4th infernal.
"This is my first game with this hero" anyone that says that and did not take the time to figure out their hero needs to be slapped. They make any comp a bad comp and makes me want to toss my computer.

Dont get me wrong I dont mind new players but do a few rounds of AI to get used to them.
It happens in ranked too, which is even more painful. Literally just had a game. heres how the draft went.

Raynor - me first pick, sick raynor 1st pick this rarely happens.
Hammer - Okay whatever we can work with this
Stukov - nice we got a healer
Bright wing - WTF moment?!?!?! 2 healers
Nova - Okay I quit this team is so stupid.

This is the comp I got on my promotion game.
triple tank vs 1 tank
triple lane specialists vs triple assassins
Hammer is getting nerfed if thats any consolation.
This one time at band camp...
When my team gets some of the squishies assassins but they're team gets the ones that do not fall over in a light tap. Or when they get a good healer (whitemane, Morales etc) and I get BW (pre rework) who just a heal every few seconds while their is more consistent or when they get warriors and you get nothing.
Sgt Hammer

I won't want a hero from the above comp anywhere near my computer..
If you want to break your computer because of something like this then you are either super rich and/or you have some real mental issues.

You know in advance that when you queue up for QM that one team could have a better comp and it might not be a fair/balanced match. So why do you still queue for this game mode? You like to gamble and hope you get into the better team but if you don't you want to break your computer?^^ If you want to play QM you should be able to handle the challenge and not get mad about it. You still had the option to play draft modes but you didn't.

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