Banshee hero concept

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Role: support
Trait [D] Possession: Possess an allied hero, increasing their health regeneration by 20-45HP/sec + 4% (wib it). And gain alternative set of abilities.
Note: You do not control the hero, you are just an Abathur, who doesn't leave his body behind. (Melee range)
[Q1] Terror scream - after 0,5-0,75 sec, deal 60 damage to enemies in front of you and fear them for 0,5-1 sec. Area like Jaina's cone of cold, or its upgrade version, or anything in between... just wib it.
[Q2] Curse - deal 60 damage to enemies in a cone, reducing the damage they deal by 25% for 2-3 sec
[W 1 and 2] Blight Essence - Heal nearby allies for 150-250 HP.
[E1] Ghost form - gain 25-75 armor and 20-50% movespeed increase for 1,5-4 sec. You can also pass trough heroes and minions, but you can't use any other abilities, or basic attacks while it's active.
[E2] Anti-magic shell - create a shield around the hero you possess, towards the direction you are targeting, that blocks any skillshot. Can block 1-2 skillshots, lasts 2-3 sec.
[R1] Restless - (activate it like Genji's Dragonblade) lasts 10 seconds, during which your trait gets 6 range. And you can also your your R again while possessing someone to instantly switch the hero you possess, without having to leave your host. Upon switching targets the cooldown of your basic abilities resets. There but there is 1-2 sec cooldown between uses.
Level 20 version: Passively give 10 armor to your host (at all times), and you automatically change your host if your current one dies (while Restless is active).
[R2] Ultimate possession - after 1-2,5 sec channeling - possess an enemy hero for 3 sec, allowing you to move him around, and attack his allies (they can attack him too).
Level 20 version: you can also use his basic abilities.

And some talents:
- You now create a 360 deg shield
- Your shield can absorb unlimited amount of abilities until it expires
- Give your ally 25-30 armor (could be physical, spell or regular) while the shield is active.
- Allies around your possessed target also get health regen, but it's value is half of the original.
Definitely creative concept. Im not sure about the second ult but rest is great. Maybe just have her deal damage around the enemy host and control their movement.

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