Cassia's fend is bugged beyond imagination

Bug Report
This skill needs some fixing. Everytime you cast it on a target that has the ability to charge instead of dropping where you casted the skill Cassia performs an ultimate jump following that hero. Cast it for example on butcher who is about to charge and you will see what I mean, she starts to fly following him. As it is bugged it is hilarious to see her flying in order to reach her enemy.

Same goes to walling your target away. If you cast fend on someone and he gets walled with Nazeebo's Zombie Wall it sends you flying and locks down your skills generating you useless. You cannot reach your target because Cassia starts flying around the zombie wall looking for a gap and your skills cannot be used during that flight.

So, there are circumstances where the skill can get you cc'ed by yourself.

Please take a look into it.

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