Hero Concept: Thaddius

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Role: Main tank (warrior)
Universe: Warcraft

Thaddius is a hero based off a Naxxramas boss.
Trait: static discharge - Thaddius pulses lighting each time he is attacked by an enemy hero dealing (x amount of damage) to enemies around him. This effect can’t happen more than once every .75 seconds

Q: shockwave - Thaddius stomps the ground in front of him dealing (x amount of damage) to enemy’s and knocking enemy heroes up for .5 seconds.

W: magnetic link - Thaddius links himself to an enemy hero for 4 seconds reducing the enemy heroes armor by 5%. This affect is increased the further the hero gets from thaddius to a maximum of -25%

E: Sprint - after a .5 second charge up Thaddius increases his speed by 30% for 5 seconds.

R1: Magnetic field - Thaddius super conducts himself causing him to pull in enemy heroes towards him from all sides. (This effect is roughly a -30% movement speed)

R2: Stalagg and Feugen - summon Stalagg and Feugen. Each does 100 damage Each attack and has 2000 health. Both these pets can be controlled separately (think Samuro) these pets have a 1 min respond timer.
Cool idea! It would be neat to include Polarity Shift since that was such a huge part of that boss fight. Perhaps as one of the heroics he could activate it to cause any nearby enemy heroes to have a randomized charge (positive or negative) perhaps identified by a red or blue glow. Enemy heroes with opposite charges must move away from one another or face taking heavy damage.
That sure could be another idea that sounds interesting. Being a warrior
Main I’m always waiting for new heroes and I feel like he brings interesting mechanics
Agreed! Thaddius was a very unique boss with an imposing unique model. I could see him as a fun addition to the Nexus and a real pain for the enemy in team fights (especially with Static Discharge or Polarity Shift).
Love these idea's but I would love to see bwonsamdi BFA version join HotS

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