Annual reminder that Tracer was pay2win on release

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In a game where the F2P roster rotates you really can't have P2W. If you want to see what P2W looks like then I'd direct you to Hearthstone.
09/19/2018 04:36 PMPosted by Firefly63
What has changed in 2 years with Tracer? Nothing. Tracer still ruins game no matter how much they tune her kit.

It has all been the creation of "super heroes".

She has under 6% popularity in master atm (last month) with fine winrate.
She is literally a niche pick atm and basically only played when enemy team lacks CC/point and click abilites/AA heroes and is vulnerable to dive.
This shows that there is no bigger sentiment than hatred.
Fortunately, now we have Mephisto.
Haven't been around when Thrall and Nova were OP on release, but HotS was at its worst when Tracer was released. Valeera close second. Everything else was manageable.

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