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Hero and Skin Suggestions
Just out of curiosity...but has there been a hero or skin suggestion made on this forum that made it to the game? I'm not talking about the 5000 suggestions for Mephisto made since the dawn of HotS. I mean, has there been any one instance where someone pointed to a concept or suggestion and said, "Yeah, Blizzard used that one"?

I'm not complaining or anything. I love reading about and coming up with new ideas for the game. I'm just curious what (if at all) Blizzard has used from suggestions made here.
Yes, Azmodunk was suggested (a few times) in the forums before Blizz released it (even used that name).

Also, I'm pretty sure Protoss Li Ming was drawn by a user who had a huge thread back in the day, where he/she would draw skins concepts suggested by other users, and then Blizz kinda copied it almost 1:1.

As for heroes, I don't think so, though there have been a couple of cases where someone necroed an old suggestion thread and said "wow! your concept is almost identical to the released version!!!", but I found that IMO they had one ability that was kind of similar but not exactly the same (thinking about Deckard and Alextrasza threads).
it says suggestions not orders genius
Marauder Muradin was a very early skin idea too.
For legal reasons, Blizzard can't say anything much about this forum or if they draw from ideas here. I think in some ways it does subliminally influence some of them, because I've had Matt Villers (Lead Hero Designer) tell me publicly over on the general forum that they do in fact glance through this forum every once in awhile.

The most popular threads, like Marauder Muradin, Protoss Li-Ming, and Azmodunk were all examples of them noticing cool ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if they tested out a variety of abilities we've suggested and decided to not go with it, or try out a different incarnation as well.

I think it's more so for us to engage with the game and enjoy ourselves creating concepts for the community we have around us. It's part of the reason why I am always trying to build up more community events like my CDC; this is the only community we've got.
Whatever happened to the janitor Leoric skin that someone designed?

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