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I'm clearly unsure if we have one or not incase i've missed it somehow but i was thinking the past couple months if people here and possibly those that use HeroesFire would think having a discord for new and old concept writers for this game want a spot to exchange ideas as well as have a sticky thread that lists things people after after like quick sets of Strengths and Weakness's or names for effects that are both in the game and thought up by concept writers like the Dispelled status i created when writing Athaniar.

If people are up for this i'll look into how to create a discord channel for this purpose.
I always support more community interaction; I could also theoretically morph the CDC discord channel into a generic discord server for simplicity's sake since several of the consistent hero designers are already a part of that discord, and simply open it up to everyone.

I am interested to hear what others think about the idea, and if there is any interest in such a decision.
I would certainly not mind, even if I were a more silent participant within it. It could certainly make it easier to find a few things as well... Could also help with bouncing some ideas between people for things... Yeah. So long as we don't happen upon some unfortunate conflict between some people present, I don't see what downsides it could really create, so I'd certainly be for it.
Yea thats a side that will always show up since humanity is a fickle species but im a zero tolerance for people arguing for the sake of it or not taking it private so moment i see it i tend to stop them sort of thing if i got a measure of control (im the good guy tyrant haha).

But yea ill look into getting one up later might even PM you later Bliztron about it since i wanna keep that CDC channel to your contests since its already nicely setup :)
I would join it honestly. It sounds like a pretty good idea.
I'll probably post a link for people in a couple days to a week from now (got a lot on my plate atm) cause i wanna make sure its perfect for people to use.

If people wanna help early welcome to list things here such as for example Bliztrons Spellward and its effect or my Dispelled and its effect that aren't in-game yet incase people want them for there own concepts.
Here you go folks have fun and work with each other to greater results :D, also wouldn't mind another Moderator if someone wants to privately contact my discord under the same name and ill see about working something out.

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