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This is my match history today:

This is in keeping with my previous win rate I've had in my last 75 or so games(been on 2 week vacation so haven't played much).

I go for lunch and come back to this:

To put this second one in context I've been matched vs organised teams who are going for objectives, taking camps, sticking together when roaming, basically everything my teams have been doing for the last 75+ games.

On the flipside of this, my team are either silenced, afk for long spells, appear to have no idea what their hero's abilities are or what the objective of the map is and the composition of the team is completely bonkers i.e. no tank vs they have a tank, 0 specialists vs 2 on the other team.

These are some of the worst games of HoTS I've ever had the misfortune of being involved in, agonisingly 1-sided trashfests with absolutely no chance of victory.

Granted this is quick match but whatever had happened between the hours of 12:00 GMT and 14:00 GMT you need to reverse it, whether it be your MM going haywire or unknown sanctions on my account please fix it.

While you're at it, I want the last 8 games stricken from the record on general principle.

This is on EU.

Much obliged.
welcome to worst matchmaker, dumbest player base and most unbalanced matchmaker in history of games.Im losing all the time with idiots in team, they never fix this crap matchmkaer cuz nobody care i suggest uninstall and enjoy other games.

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