Fixing Zeratul's Underperforming AA Build!

Hero and Skin Suggestions
In this 2 Warriors/Crowd Control based meta, melee assasins suffer too much. Valeera, Illidan and Zeratul's current situations are proving this statement.
Zeratul is still not playable with its Auto Attack Build. It has no room for High Skills of play. Even W build of him is being dominated by Void Prison/Q Build.

In order to solve both underperforming builds:
I suggest you to increase the baseline health of Zeratul %15; considering the fact that what makes Q Build dominant was its safe to play mechanism. So, with this health buff change, that safety will not be required too much.

Specificly, to solve his underperfming AA build, I recommend Shadow Assault(old heroic) to replace Warp Skirmisher talent at lvl 7. Charge at enemies for 4 seconds and get %10 Shadow Armor* for 2 seconds after activating it. Reduce its cooldown (from 45 to 20 or 25) so there will be less regret if you decide to leave the combat early.
2 secs of 10% Armor is especially necessary because you need to get a little value from your basic attacks. He is a melee assasin.

*Shadow Armor is an ability of Zeratul in the Legacy of the Void.
some love for valeera please :(

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