Orphea is Raven Lord's Daughter?

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Anyone think this is a possibility?
Idc, just release her and rule 34 can make her everyone's daughter.

That's my take.
No way. Orphea is the Raven Lord's mom.
I am guessing sister, niece or something like that. First comic makes reference to him having a family that would disown him if he touched the dark nexus.
Nah, my guess is she's Spider Queen in disguise/origin story. She has the purple attacks, and the sarcophagus on her back hints at a spider coccoon.

Plus her name has links to a species of cave spider...
09/24/2018 04:18 PMPosted by BastionE54
Anyone think this is a possibility?
Yes, there's probably someone that thinks that Orphea being the Raven Lord's daughter is possible.
Yeah, it is possible. I think, in the end we will have an event where Orphea fights the Raven Lord and we will need to choose a side.
Think about it, Raven Lord sent his servants to get her. For what? Just to unite? To be together and to control the Realms as a family? There is something more to her, she might possess a power that he is afraid of. He knows that she is capable of, but she doesn't.
There is even an image of her in the game files - check the Wiki. https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Orphea

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