The Nexus need Arcade mode and why you should care

Hero and Skin Suggestions
At 2015 Blizzcon, Blizzard presented the Arena (PH): a fast paced gameplay made to break HoTS rules and be even quicker than the standard mode.
As development went on, this mode turned into our well known Heroes Brawl, keeping most of its original design and further adding new rules and different gameplay. We saw funny mini games like Pull-Party and engaging PvE maps like Escape from Braxis.
Roughly 2 years later, this mode has its own share of popularity and a fair number of different modes. I think its time for an evolution from its current design as we are going to behold major modifications to the role system.

Presenting the Arcade Mode
If you are not familiar to the Overwatch game, the Arcade allows players to choose from a rotating selection of game modes, maps, and rulesets that don't quite fit into Standard Play. Putting this into a HoTS perperpective, we would have a daily rotation of ARAM games, PvE brawls, fun modes (e.g. Pull Party) and other creative maps to choose. Thus, if you love PvE or like to play one lane modes, all you had to do is queue for that particular mode.

Improving the reward system
One cool example of why this mode can improve gameplay regards to the reward system. Instead of playing a particular mode to get your reward, you can queue to the mode you like most and play it until you fulfill the set amount of "Rewards Points" to earn your chest or some additional itens. For example:
  • PvE modes could have a weekly Ladder or Objective to unlock cool Portraits, Skins, Banners and even main screen themes.
  • Pull Party could give you a particular Portrait by achieving something.
  • Particular Quests could be taylor made to a certain game mode.

Improving the feedback system
As another example of enhacements, developers can make specific questions pin pointing particular rules of every map: do you like forcing 5 players playing the same hero? Not having healers in ARAM is okay? Should ARAM/PvE force players to choose their roles before starting?

Testing Hero/Map reworks and concepts
Imagine that Garden of Terror is going through a rework and the devs want some feedback regarding some drastic modifications to its gameplay. Why not put it in the test mode? Players try the map, gets their rewards or even get a particular reward, answer some questions (Do you like this feature? And this change? Is this new flamethrower cool?) and thus gives some feedback pointing towards decisions that would please the majority of the playerbase.
As another example, lets put another Uther rework into a particular ARAM mode. Is this new design too strong? What talents did you like? Does he still feels like your familiar Hero? Rate his power in these particular characteristics.
Such feedback should be taken with discretion as it have its fair share of bias.

So, what are your thoughts about this? Would you like it? Is there any issues/challenges?
Feel free to comment. Thanks for the reading.
I prefer when they add Map Editor and custom maps for it (similar with SC Arcade). I feel it more interesting than this.
That would be another great addition.
So kinda like an extension on Brawl? That's what I'm kinda seeing and I kinda like it
I would prefer a game mode, where you don't have to destroy the enemy core, you just have to stay alive.
I call it Survival mode. I have a map idea how is it would look.
So the 2 team have their base like in every map, but there is a 3. enemy what attacks both base at once. You can immagine the zerg map where both side attacked. You have to/can make your base and minions stronger by collecting some material.. wood,gold something.
Interesting stuff in the map could be if after one core destroyed, the enemy/other team would be much more attacked by the map...
This map have fix time (20-30) minute.
I say again. You have to keep your core alive, so both team can win and loose.

or simply one map where you don't have anything extra only 3 (or two) lane close to each other and you have to kill minions and fightning. Without spider queen,curse and everything like that. I would like to see what would happening on a map where you can't get anything what would give you an advantage.

ui.: i have to write this too! Both idea sounds interesting . I can't imagine how could work Norber idea, but i yes i deffinetly would like to make a map. I would like to give a try Goiaba idea too. probably it would not be my favourite game mode, but would be good as an opption to play

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