[HC] Torbjorn (Post-Rework)

Hero and Skin Suggestions
This is a hero concept of Torbjorn after his OW rework.

Torbjorn is a Ranged Assassin (because the Specialist role is being done away with soon) whose job is to zone out enemy heroes.

Trait - Forge Hammer: Activate to begin healing your Turret.
Q - Rivet Gun: Deals damage to all enemies in a cone in front of Torbjorn. 5 second cooldown.
W - Deploy Turret: Throws a turret at the target location that builds itself over 2 seconds (can be attacked before it finishes). When complete, fires at nearby enemies. Infinite duration. 12 second cooldown. Only 1 turret can be active at once.
Baseline talent 1 - Focus Turret: Order your turret to focus on the target enemy.
E - Overload: Gain 30% Attack and Movement speed, and gain 20 armor. Lasts 4 seconds. 12 second cooldown.
R1 - Molten Core: Gain the ability to fire up to 10 molten globules at a target location, dealing damage to all enemies hit and creating a pool of molten lava that damages enemies standing in it for 10 seconds. Deals bonus damage to enemies with Armor. Lasts 6 seconds. 100 second cooldown
R2 - Upgrade Turret: Activate to upgrade your Turret, increasing its range, damage, attack speed, and health. Lasts 10 seconds. 90 second cooldown.

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