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Hero and Skin Suggestions
I have a passion for designing hero concepts and I put a lot of time and effort into them. Before I were to post my concepts I want to know if this is the best place to get them noticed because I truly believe that they are worth taking a look at. For example I have a completed concept for Shannox and I truly mean completed with every talent tier finished and custom named with even a guess at damage, health, Heath regen, mana regen, etc. Any and all feedback is appreciated thank you.
Well there is good chace you will get some feedback here. Just try it ;-)
The answer to your question depends on who you are trying to get noticed by. The chance that your concept will be noticed by Blizzard is almost non-existent; they have their own design team, and there are several legal concerns about using ideas from the forums. That being said, if you have a suggestion they auto direct you to finding support from the forums. Essentially, without experience in the industry and some formal programming and design education, the chances of getting any of your concepts into a Blizzard game is thin to none.

And even if you did get into their design team after years of working, you would then additionally need to be a part of an actual team. This is a lot harder than one would assume. Your ideas very, very rarely make it into the game from their initial conception. The amount of testing, remaking, rebuilding, reinventing that happens is impressive.

Now that being said, we do have an active community of designers here who would love to see your design. While we, obviously, can not do anything about its implementation, designing is a fun creative outlet, and bouncing your ideas off others is part of the fun. I know HeroesFire also has a good community over there for hero suggestions as well.

That being said, there are also really great ideas already out there with full designs as well, that you may want to check out if you yourself want people to see your idea. An example comes to mind of Nortin's concept for Zel'kyr concept, which I will link below.
Alright thank you I'll give it a shot then and try to post my concept. I have no interest in being a part of the design team necessarily nor am I in it for any monetary compensation I just want to help and put out good ideas that everyone can enjoy. Thank you for your responses I'll post the concepts as soon as I can.

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