BlitzPriest - Diablo 2 Paladin Hero

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Fanatical, dashing, ravishing, charismatic; these are but a few apt descriptors of the notorious "Zealout of Zakarum". A natural born leader, ___INSERT_NAME_HERE___ quickly rose from squire to knight to Paladin by always leading the charge in every battle and leading the toast at every victory celebration! With an upbeat attitude and a contagious enthusiasm it is said that even the most staunchest of his enemies would sometimes rise even from death to heed his call to battle. What a guy!

Melee Assassin / Warrior / Medivh style Specialist

Q - Charge

  • Charges and attacks target, causing it to flee.
  • Toggles W to Sacrifice.

W - Conversion / Sacrifice

  • Conversion - Attacks target and makes target's next ability used in 3 seconds to damage their own team or heal the enemy team.
  • Sacrifice - Attacks target dealing drastically more damage.

E - Fist of the Heavens

  • Smites the target with Heaven's Fist.
  • Releases holy bolt towards the target's nearest ally.
  • Toggles W to Conversion.


R - Last Rites
Deals heavy damage to target after a delay. If target dies before delay expires, raises target to fight for the amount of time remaining on the delay.

R - Fanaticism
Gain Fanaticism, personal aura that increases movement speed and attack damage. Can be activated every 30 seconds to provide the benefits to allies within a radius.

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