Inarius and Lilith Heroic synergy

Hero and Skin Suggestions
It would be cool to see Inarius and Lilith in Hots with somekind of synergy ult and no It's not like Cho'gall where you want to play Gall but need Cho. Imagine 2 heroes who doesn't need to be together, but will still have some kind of synergy abillities when they are on the same team

It doesn't have to be Inarius and Lilith, but 2 people which are close together in lore.
The heroic idea
Inarius and Lilith normally has 2 Heroics, but when they are together they have 1 more, which they share, and need to be together to use. Inarius and Lilith summons the Worldstone from Diablo 2, and the team and the enemy team, fights in the worldstone. Not a big place just a place were they have to fight and cannot leave.

The team that wins the fight gets a buff that slightly increase dmg, hp and armor or something else. You lose the buff when you die, so the enemy team needs to cooperate to end the buff.

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