Kerrigan PTR 38.0

PTR Bug Report
Hopped in game to try out the new rework for Kerrigan, loving it except i found one thing that will be an issue if not fixed. I did not have the short cooldowns on for this. I chose the Torrasque lvl 20 talent for the Ultralisk heroic ability, 1) any time the ultralisk died it came back. Normally not an issue, since that is what Torrasque does. But it kept coming back, not just once, but multiple times. 2) I do not know if it is intentional, but I was receiving charge from Assimilation while not dealing damage myself, but the Ultralisk.

TL;DR: Torrasque Ultralisk ult kept reviving it over and over, as well as granting Kerrigan Assimilation charge while she was not in combat.
it is intended for Ultralisk to give her shields and was never disputed as a bug

also Tarrasque indefinitely resurrecting is not a bug and has been like that for years
it only stops reviving if u kill it in the cocoon right after it died
Ahhhh, okay. That would explain the confusion for me. Thank you both!

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