PTR Bug Report
The same bug:
I, too, see this bug on PTR.

On the Statistics screen, zero "0" is listed under the "Healing/Shielding" column for all Heroes who report healing stats.
Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports! We are looking into this issue and hope to have a fix in as soon as we can.

Thank you,
Same bug!!
this is the second time, the same bugg, i heal 140.000 points with lucio and 60.00 with brightwing and nothing...i really feel frustrate cause i want do the misions of the last event and i could finish the first match....:
Yes i have the same bug. i healed with Li'li above 100,00 two times and still gives me 0. i tried with Whitemane and i healed 70,000 and still gives me 0.

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