Who/what would you like to see after the re-works?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Personally I'm hoping for an evil World of Warcraft hero or Chen buffs/re-work. (Our drunk, fat panda needs some love.)

Another twin character like Cho'Gall would be fun but better if you could split and play independently. The Emperor Twins or Eredar Twins would be an interesting concept. You play one character by itself or play both with a friend. Their abilities could complement each other like Cho'Gall or they just get small bonuses from their trait by playing together.
Tassadar is who said by a lot of people. I gave a try to him and he not a support hero, so probably he will get a rework.
If i could choose as next heroes those would be illidan and Zul jin, because i playing with them a lot.
Unfortunatly, a lot of hero have a little issue. I mean at least one little talent don't do what should do. For example one of the
//garrosh //lvl //16 talent// do the opposite thing what it should do. The talent name is Mortal combo.
but... who knows... perhaps it will be D.va. She need a rework too.

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