Can we have Cairne as a character in this game?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
I think it'd be amazing since we have already Thrall, Rexxar, Gazlowe
Yes please. C:
Lord yes, I love Cairne and I honestly wish he were still around in WoW, since I doubt he would let Sylvanas push him around the way she does to Baine. (Remember that Cairne challenged Garrosh to mak'gora before he had done anything remotely as bad as what he would later do, and what Sylvanas has done by now.)

And if Varian can arrive in the Nexus after dying, why not Cairne?

Finally, this game needs more tauren than just ETC.
Cairne is one of my most wanted Warcraft characters (other than Grom Hellsceam). I really hope when he is added we'll see Cairne's Warcraft 3 look.
i basically believe there should be all W3 heroes represented in Hots, we're like in half of all heroes, there is 24 heroes in W3 and we still miss like 6 and i think its those:
Dreadlord-Mal'ganis or someone other
Tauren Chieftain-Cairn, there is no other option than that, baine would work asswell but cairn is just more requested
Shadow Hunter-Vol'jin or Rokhan, for my self i would like Vol'jin more than Rok
Naga seawitch-Lady Vash also requested hero
Pit lord-Manoroth, i seen his name in Forum mentione asswell
Goblin Alchemist-I have no idea who could fit this Goblin mounted on Ogr but his gameplay in boosting his slave by potions could be cool :-D
What if he's already here and has been watching us this whole time? he was ancient when we meet him in warcraft 3 maybe he's been sleeping this whole time ;p

But seriously i'd love him maybe add some extra kit moves since Warcraft 3 isn't the best at the moment due to other heroes bit things.

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