We want 3 lane with no objective.

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How about you make a map of 3 lanes and no objective.
How about no?
Hell no isn't quite strong enough but it will have to do.
We want Tassadar's rework!
I want people to stop making dumb posts. Neither of which is happening.
we want 1 lane no objective

09/13/2018 01:25 PMPosted by DrLogan
We want Tassadar's rework!

A huge yes to Tassadar rework, just NO to 3 lanes no objective.
I agree, the map pool is really big with a lot of different objectives, it would be fun and interesting to play a "normal" map
If I want a borning map I would go play leauge.
This game wont work with that.
The thing is, even league of legends, DOTA, and Smite have objectives in their 3 lane maps. They just don't work like HoTS.

Aka: things like Baron, Roshan, Fire Giant. All granting grand buffs to the teams who claim them.
Wouldn't that be boring?
But if you truly want to play games without objectives, you can gather ppl via media (create ingame chat, gathering ppl on Discord, or Facebook or both or etc) and hopp into Custome Games with a homerule of "ignore objective".
Maybe try playing like...every other moba that exists?

But if Blizzard added an option to make it bland and boring like DotA or LoL, by all means, have fun.
"We" ...
Speak only for yourself.

All this objectives and maps are what make HotS unique and diferent from any other MOBA.
If you don't like it, just leave and go play LoL or DotA, those boring games.
3 lanes with no objective

play Dota
09/13/2018 01:21 PMPosted by Apc7th
How about you make a map of 3 lanes and no objective.

How about a 3 lane with multiple merc camps and unique pve in each lane with ways of upgrading your lanes how you choose.
So that you have no way to make a comeback with objective or have a way to make a gank force a fight if you lose at laning.
Talk about a trash gameplay.
you realize LoL is free, right?

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