Why is uther in a bad spot right now?

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So i have no facts to backup this claim but don’t bother arguing it. From my perspective it seems like his healing just cannot keep up. This has always been the case though so im confused why he’s fallen out of favor in the last few months. I don’t want to argue whether he is/isn’t in the best spot. Just why he may not be suited for this particular meta.
In a healer sense, Uthers strength is in giving his teammates damage reduction. He isn't a "top-off" kind of support. He prevents alot of damage and heals some of it while peeling for his dps with his stun.

Pick Uther when you know you have strong follow up from your team and you'll be surprised at his effectiveness. If you have teammates familiar with his ability, they will utilize the armor and stun to trade VERY effectively.
He has high manacosts and long cooldowns. 1 pot of cain with the shield at lvl4 has nearly the same value as an Uther Q. Cain has 2s cooldown (with an ally around), Uther 12. Cain pays 20 mana, Uther 90.
Besides that, his W is dodgeable by teammates, which makes it hard in non coordinated play and again has a huge cooldown
You're making very little sense.

Why are you even on a forum if you have no intention of arguing/discussing things. That is basically the purpose of the forum.

You want us to give an answer for a question that is based entirely on your perception of things -- presumably from some recent games.
How can anyone answer your question properly if you're really wrong? What if he hasn't fallen out of favour? What if he is suited for this meta?

Your entire post feels so nonsensical. I could ask something equally weird.

Okay guys, I have no basis for this question, but I perceived that Gazlowe is actually really strong in this current meta. Why is that? PS: I have no facts or arguments or assumptions or presumptions to provide to stimulate discussion. Please answer me.

To possibly answer the question -- uther isn't a sustained healer. He's an antiburst support. Mephisto isn't really a burst damage dealer and doesn't care much if he's stunned while doing his spooky ghost teleport.
Having a healer who's bad at sustained healing could prove to be quite detrimental against a mephiisto and his R.
cuz he ain't ret
He has almost no cool down reducing abilities anymore. His cool down timers are long compared to everyone else's. His armor buff isn't as effective since it doesn't stack without the level 20 talent and has the long cool down timers of both abilities.

His abilities are very Mana hungry. He has only one talent geared toward Mana Regen now.

His only healing improvement talent is at 16.

I could go on but he needs a full rework with the Raynor treatment.

The only reason to pick him is if the other team has a ton of crowd control.

If blizzard really wanted to at least make him playable they would baseline his Mana Regen quest, reduce healing cooldowns by 3-5 seconds, and make either holy fire heal or the talent where he heals after hitting stuf drastically increase his attack speed.
Because the last time Uther was reworked the AA Meta was at its peak, and his baseline armor to all his heals was actually super useful.

Now AA meta is long gone, and instead we have a combination of Burst-Percentage damage Meta where Uther is totally useless compared to almost all healers. It doesn't help his case that his main healing almost takes one third of your mana bar
He's the most mana intensive healer by far. Cooldowns are way too long. Really the only good thing about him is his stun.

Mana for most of the new characters are a non issue and same with cooldowns. Pretty much every healer has a semi spammable heal
Uther wants a second support with him to handle the sustained healing while he acts in an anti-burst role.

Since we're not in a two support meta anymore, it means that he's fallen out of favor. As a solo support, he can't really heal his team as a whole very effectively, so there's not much reason to pick him unless you have one key member who is in dire need of protecting.

Adapting him into the current meta, I would say you would ideally pair him with a Zarya, and a self-healing frontliner. Zarya can fill her half tank half support niche nicely with that sort of lineup, and you have less need for constant sustained healing with a tank that can take care of themselves to a point.
Tassadar is by far the worst healer
His cooldowns are long, his mana Costs are obscene, and he doesn't do very much healing. Its a bummer, because he's still my highest level support, but I can't really find an excuse to pick him over anyone else.
09/21/2018 10:20 PMPosted by Earthunit
Tassadar is by far the worst healer

Support is not the same thing as healer.
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09/21/2018 10:20 PMPosted by Earthunit
Tassadar is by far the worst healer

Support is not the same thing as healer.

Tell that to blizzard with Tyrande
Problem is there is no such thing as forntline healer. The moment you start spending sometime in frotline you'll see any skill shot enemy team has in their arsenal coming on your way. Ironically poke damage is one of Uther's many soft spots.

In theory if you let him hammer something he is capable of doing nice aoe healing with blessed champion and becon of light but doesn't happen a lot of times since you'll be taking too much damage.

After playing healers like Whitemane I really don't see Uther's purpose. He is not even harder to kill than a half naked priestess.
I'm an Uther main, and I agree he isn't in the best spot. Everybody else have already said why: mana costs, cooldowns and, at the end of the day, his numbers are weak when compared with other healers like Cain, Stukov, Lucio, Tyrande, Li li or Whitemane.

You can say he's good at negating burst but his healings are barely enough to keep a single ally alive aside of Divine Shield and you will have to wait an eternity before you can heal people again, so in the meantime all you've got is your stun and your wet noodle hammer.

A couple of his talents -and his stun, in certain situations- require him to go melee but he A) does no damage when using his basic attacks and B) is relatively easy to focus and kill him despite being the support with the most hit points.

Alsoeven if he's good against burst but he struggles a lot against AoE and sustained damage.
Q, W, Q

"Care I'm oom"
High mana cost, long cooldowns,everyone and their mother seem to be able to give Armor now.
What matters when playing Uther is that you...

A) Only burn your mana out if it's a fight or you can safely hearth immediately. His Q costs more than most ultimates.

B) Time heals properly. 15 Armour may not seem like much, and it isn't always. W is nice for giving armour and a small heal to you team when the engagement starts, Q is for supporting a more damaged target. To get the most out of his armour, stack it with armour the heroes give themselves- the difference between 50 and 65 armour is that one needs the enemy to deal 50%(!) more damage to get a kill.

C)Both ultimates are fantastic for reducing how much healing you need. DShield saves lives, DStorm does an incredible amount of CC.

D) You can soak some damage yourself. Don't throw your life away, but your trait does mean that it's semi-acceptable to die if the alternative is your squishy getting dived.

E) Personal opinion, Guardian of Ancient Kings is really good.
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Tassadar is by far the worst healer

OMG, I thought such people Disappeared.
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E) Personal opinion, Guardian of Ancient Kings is really good.

I like it too but as I read yesterday in another thread, it should give the armor buff retrospectively.

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