Can anyone deny that hots is at a better place now than last year?

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It worst than last year. I think last year is the best for hots. Most of the heroes at least still in control rate and balance compare to this year jump up jump down then rework like hell.

The performance based rating come out a few days then gone forever.
Match making become strange and strange. Always match 1 side with better lineup compare to another side. (eg. 1 side got high mobile, mage, dps, tanker, specialist while another most melee, lack of mobile, dps, bruiser, without specialist) sometime 1 side got 3 specialist vs 1 side got 1 specialist, 1dps, 1 mage. (Another is 1 side got strong front melee/charge and tanker while another side got 1 tanker then full of mage that cannot hold charger.)

Some game mechanism that work strange and still not fix it. Sometime stitches hook can hook pass certain terrain(Not wall/building. That one I know), sometime cannot hook pass. You never know until you tried all the terrain on different map.

That day I just found out tyrande lvl 20 talent which will auto land the stun after you do a few basic attack, I found out that at there, opponent got fort/well/wall.
When I keep attacking, it always land the stun on wall first rather than hit fort or wall. It keep stun all wall until all wall gone then only start hit the fort or well.
I don't know how to they programmed it to focus wall first rather than other things.

There are a lot more. The most important things is match making have fixed first then carefully when do rework on hero. They fail on both of this then always busy with non-important things first in this year. The game that suppose got different way to play it to win, they change to 1 way to win, direct limited those expert player/creative play style. They like robotic way in playing their game.

Don't know next year 2019 what they gonna do to it. They not improve what the strong point in HOTS but keep destroying it and follow other moba route.

We can see this year got more complain compare to last year so no way to say HOTS better place now than last year.
I want a classic hots server.

I hardly like any change theyve made except some of the new heroes.

I miss ammo and the 3rd tower
Just remember: We got no Overwatch heroes this year.... Isn't that proof that 2018 was a better year than 2017?!?

Nova, Chromie, Valeera and Tyrande were heroes I loved to play. With all I had high win rates, in the higher 50s or even 60s. To carry a game was super easy and they fit in each setup well.

All saw reworks and are now pretty terrible to play, if not useless. The performance match making that they announced at Blizzcon is still not there, while the queue times are huge. Cain is a good hero, finally after so many boring OW releases.

To me, HOTS is not in a good state right now, a lot that just doesn't work well and if you lose heroes you loved playing, then it is hard to find a few new "mains" if all you get is OW.
Trust player's toward the matchmaking and ranked system was totally ruined after the placement bug in S1 2018.

The december patch where they changed the battlegrounds to put more emphasis on laning phase (longer time between objective, stronger merc, globle "mini-game", ammo removal) all leaded to snowbally games, that we can encounter often in our games today.

I still hate the healer nerfs that were implemented after Blizzcon 2017.

This is really why Matchmaking has been so bad for about 6+ months now (it was bad before but never like this).

At one point I was keeping a collection of how many teammates I saw who went from Plat1 or lower to Master 1000 in 10-20 games in S1 2018. Eventually my list got so long that it wasn't worth tracking anymore. I was spending 90% of my draft times taking screen shots of the 2-3 teammates who all had the same 12,000+ point jumps with a 4-6 record.

But it's okay, Blizzard repaid us all for completely destroying ranks by giving us 1 legendary loot crate. Did I mention the folks who went Plat 4 to Master 1000 in 10 games ALSO got the loot crate? After all, they had been through such a rough ordeal...
Ppl who say matches don't give gold prove they don't even play the game and able to believe every bad rumour without a single critical thought just to justify even more in themselves that this game is "bad".

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