How cant u have fixed this yet?

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wtf this hapens all the time still. I get into a !@#$ing QM cause I want to take what u call a Quick match. Not a quick loss. this have been a problem for a long time! joining up looking at loading screen. first thing that comes to mind is. God %^-* this game man. What I see is My team has 3 !@#$ing specialist. 1 healer and a bruicer. other team have full %^-*ing assasin we gona !@#$ u in the %^-. with a bruicer and a "tanky" heal. Why? why cant u just mix the team up put one of the spec into the other team and give us one of the assains? I just dont get it. this is *!@#ing stupid. and also this make our team be like, Ah man this is loss 3 spec wth blablabla and whole team get draged down the drain with the attitude, and team starts giving up be4 lvl 7. and u can all say.
Play a different game. A good game.
Personally i find that the team with more pushing power (usually specialist) seems to win because they put so much pressure on the map you end up spending the whole game defending their pushes.
09/14/2018 07:33 AMPosted by NoGlutenFree
I just dont get it. this is *!@#ing stupid.

Aren't you the stupid one if you don't get it?^^
Those who play QM and complain, but hasn't smarten up, and realized there is a superior mode is doomed to stick with a failed mode forever.
I hate when my bruicer loses me the game....

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