38.0 Not working and freezing my laptop.

PTR Bug Report
When i updated the the game and playing, i want to try new skins and the game not working just freezing my laptop. I restarted few times my computer and not working. I tried set to low graphics and not working. I ran the 37.0 on live hots and it is working but the ptr 38.0 frezzing my laptop.
my game is microfreezing every 20 or so seconds on low settings for some reason

amd drivers updated, low settings

noticeable in mouse cursor skipping over half screen suddenly

I would suggest resetting the game settings (delete Variables.txt file) as there might have been some changes compared to live version and a text line that is an old patch remnant may be causing issues, happened few updates ago with the black screen on the shop to me
I tried to reinstall and working now!!!

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