Request for a skin theme/universe search feature.

Hero and Skin Suggestions
I have a rather simple request to make. I think my favorite thing about HOTS is the concept of the nexus and all the fun, crazy alternate versions we can have of our favorite characters. Over time, many of these have gravitated to common themes and have descriptions that place them within the same universe as other skins. Examples include the "reverse Stormrage universe" which switches the places of Ilidian and Malfurian, as well as related characters like Luna and Tyranda, the Mad Ax universe, the Star Princesses, a circus theme, etc. What I would like is for these various common-universe skins to be officially classified together with the ability for me to select each universe from a search bar or menu and see all of the skins of that universe together that have been released so far. I think this would enhance the fun and fantasy element of the game, and any skins that don't fit into a shared universe could simply be placed under a miscellaneous category.

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