[Artillery Hero Suggestion] Goliath(?)

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Reduce Azmodan's Q range to 1.5 times his sight range, since now it's just a skillshot with a super-powering quest. Then make a hero (in this case a goliath, but honestly Idc what) to take his old role as a specialist/artillery
Q; Hellfire Barrage. Fires a trio of rockets at long range that will land one after another one every 0.2 seconds, dealing damage to targets in the area. Has low damage for a basic ability, and a moderately long cool-down.

W; Concentrated Fire. Stands in place channeling indefinitely, creating a zone in a medium-length cone that deals damage every 0.5 seconds to everyone in it, stacking with each hit by 10% to a max of 50%. Upon reaching max stacks on an enemy, its cooldown is refreshed.

E; Retrojets. Instantly leaps the hero backwards and ejects three canisters in a line that detonate one after another like a reverse Guldan's path, each slowing by 5% and stacking with eachother.

D Trait; Radiation Homing. Dealing damage to enemy heroes or killing enemy minions grants stacks of Homing that deteriorate one per second when not receiving or dealing damage for four seconds. Activating the trait consumes 20 stacks to increase the next Hellfire Barrage damage by a stacking 30% of its base (adds one missile), instantly refreshes its cooldown and instantly refreshes this ability's cooldown. Firing a Hellfire Barrage with more than one cast of Radiation Homing triggers an 18 second cooldown of this ability and consumes all remaining stacks.

1) Widow Mine. Spawns anywhere on the map revealed by friendly vision a permanently invisible minion that can be controlled with the R key like an ultralisk. Grants vision, and after being stationary for 2 seconds can begin attacking an enemies with 100% bonus damage to non-heroes.
At level 20 can talent to replace the widow mine with a Shredder bot. Now has mounted speed, and its attack hurts all enemies in a radius around it and slows them during.

2) Liberator. Spawns a minion ship that passively follows the Goliath at 80% speed. Can retarget the Liberator to channel onto a large target area, granting the goliath vision of the area and (as long as you stay within melee range of the liberator infinite range AA against targets within the area, halved attack speed and tripled attack damage.
At level 20 the Liberator can be upgraded with Fusion Core, which grants it mounted speed and makes your AA against enemies in its target area splash and slow.
im all for more starcraft heroes

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