Rainbow Leagues in QM/UR?

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Anyone noticing the weird drop in match making stuff?I ran into a level 6, and a level 3 in qm on my team. Really confusing since im level 300, and have a positive win rate all around. Or unranked when i'm with my master teammate, and you get a person who's silver, or gold 5. Doesn't make sense. Isn't there an MMR Limiter? or something established.
From what i heard of is:
QM - MM looks for character in queue to make an equal team match based on character types (every team has Warrior, support, spec etc...)
Unranked - MM looks for players with similar MMR (and yes, a Bronze1 can have the same MMR rateing as a Master player nowdays...or maybe better)

MM got a little wonky ever since the Performance based apocalypse.
It just seems.........so weird, i've checked hotslogs sometimes they're literally 1k mmr under us. hotslogs isn't THAT inaccurate lol
Hots uses MMR averages to even teams. Team of 4k + 3k +1k + 1k + 1k is equal to 2k + 2k + 2k + 2k +2k as both team have MMR average of 2k. It also doesn't matter if your friend is master or even GM since QM has separate MMR from UD, HL and TL.
Yeah I know, But come on lets be real. That low rank of a player shouldn't be in the game. I'd rather wait 10 minutes instead of attempting to carry someone with 0 game knowledge lol...or mechanics. We've had straight games of 2.8k+ (4 players) and we'll recieve a silver, or someone with like 1800 mmr.
I'll be frank, I play with 3-4 man party often and we always try to get tank, healer, solo laner and DPS from our group. The last guy can pick whatever, we expect nothing from him. We know already that MM will try to scrape for him from bottom of the barrel, then break through the bottom and dig few meters till it finds bad enough player to "even" out the teams. Seriously this games MM is incredibly bad, it doesn't work well for neither solo nor groups.

I love playing ARAMs in this game, you can't even tell the difference in MM(actually lesser chance of getting full potatoes in my experience) and the que is always instant regardless on time of day...
Regardless of what's happening, it sure ain't fun at least half of the time.
Yeah I saw like a level 14 on the enemy team yesterday.

I told my team "that's either a smurf or a newb. dive them and find out".

Turns out they were a newb.
I play only murky, probe, illidan and other !@#$ heroes in unranked these days because every time I make good picks they're shat on by the rest of the team anyway so what's the point.
QM is rainbow matchmaking, nothing new.

enemy team average: 2368

my team average: 2450
3670 (me)

easily the highest difference I've seen so far.
09/11/2018 01:47 AMPosted by GLNHairyPeon
Yeah I know, But come on lets be real. That low rank of a player shouldn't be in the game. I'd rather wait 10 minutes instead of attempting to carry someone with 0 game knowledge lol...or mechanics.

Yet this is what the game encourages. A brand spanking new account comes in around Low Gold. And when they are a new account they can have large MMR awards for being carried... err... I mean winning... so they climb up into the high Gold pretty easily.
Trying to match averages is very bad MM-ing.
It is so boring to play with beginners for the 5000th time.
And it's not balanced either. For example (experience wise) one team has lvl 996, 1, 1, 1 and 1 (average 200) and the other team has all at lvl 200. The second team would have a big advantage because 4 players on the first one are very inexperienced. it can be imbalanced the same way with MMR. A team is as strong as the weakest link (kinda). SO there is a very high probability that the team with the most players under the average will loose even if the averages match.

I have some old screenshots here from exp imbalance in unranked draft. mostly right after 2.0 and the megabundles came out. And these were all one sided matches (either way) so the low exp players didn't seem to be smurfs at all.

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