QM just gave us a 4 warrior game in Alterac

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I'm going to say something really ignorant here; try the best you can with the team you have been given in QM.
They'd do better getting rid of HL.
Which warriors specifically were on the same team? According to current QM MM rules https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Quick_Match :

1. The match maker will try to have at most 2 warriors per team, though either side may have more warriors then the other. If one side gets at least one warrior, then the other also gets at least one warrior. It is also possible to not get any warriors either side. Sonya (bruiser), DVA (bruiser), and Zarya (sustain) do not count as warriors for this rule despite in game labels. Pre made teams can bypass all rules.

This means that the match could fit the current rules if 2 of those warriors were Sonya, DVA, and/or Zarya. They have mentioned they are working on reclassifying heroes but not sure when.
You can't just delete QM in this game, boi. It's a sorta practice mode for players who are trying out new Heroes or returning players who are trying to re-learn the game against real people. Oh sure, you'll tell me that VS AI exists. Yes, it exists but you can't really improve your playstyle much if you just continuously play against bots.

Oh, and then yeah, you'll tell me Unranked exists, and again I know. Unranked from what I've heard and experienced from, is literally QM with a draft that most, if not all, is a mode that people don't really take it seriously much cuz you don't lose any ranked points except have a red Loss on ur match history.

I do agree, that QM is in fact, wonky as hell. Players have been complaining to devs to fix it and devs tried patching it up with rules and such but QM isn't a mode that can be fixed immediately... so meh? :/

QM gay...

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