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Hero and Skin Suggestions
Nova is one of the heroes that needs a true rework the most.
She always been in a bad place, and after the stealth change she doesnt really have alot to offer vs other ranged dps heroes.


added functionality- active to gain ubreakable stealth for 1 sec, 30 sec cd.

ghost protocol have need less cd, but with shorter cd (and all the other changes) the decoy has to go.


increase damage to 280. quest removed
now reduce cd by 2 sec if you hit a hero.

the quest was only promoting "afking" and punished players for no reason (if the target dies before Q)


new! throw a grande that explode upon impact, dealing 100 damage in a medium aoe, and reduce targets vision for 1 sec.

12 sec cd, 65 mana.

point and click slow didnt braught much and made hitting with snipe too easy, reducing sight will work better with decoy.


no change


new!- Hero Takedowns grant 10 stacks of Bribe. Use 20 stacks to bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum of 80 stacks. If a camp is defeated entirely with Bribe, the camp respawns 50% faster.

she needs a way to have pve in order to be competitive, so instead of having wave-clear she needs to kill in order to get it.


changed! reduce damage to 125 per shot, added functionality- each successful hit on the target increase the damage of the next shot by 125 (up to- 125, 250, 375 damage=total of 750 damage)

reduce cd to 40, mana to 70.

shorter cd will make it less of a waste heroic when it doesn't work (walls, bb), but the damage has to be reduced in order for it not to be just dps tool.


no change

Q remove the base quest, now reduce cd for hitting heroes.
W replaced with flashbang- reduce enemies vision
triple tap- changed to have much shorter cd but trickier to use properly
made bribe basic, it has talents that improve it.
level 7 talents let you choose a rifle, granting different buffs to snipe and your aa.

tier 1
D- increase speed to 120% and reagen 2 mana per sec, active remove slows and roots.
E- increase decoys range and sight range by 100%, also reveal the area for 2 sec upon expiring.
Q- hitting an enemy hero increase the damage of your next snipe within 8 sec by 20%.

tier 2
1- kills grant 20, hitting heroes with snipe grant 2.
D- summon a decoy, but increase cd by 10 sec.
passive- reduce decoy cd by 4 sec.
W- shields take additional 300 damage, reduce cd by 2 sec.

tier 3
- assault rifle- increase aa speed by 60% but reduce range and damage by 20%, snipe explodes dealig 50% of its damage to a medium aoe
- plasma cannon- increase aa damage by 250% and reduce aa speed, aa reduce ability armor by 15, and snipe slows target by 35% for 3 sec.
- advance sniper- increase snipe range by 10%, after hitting with snipe, increase aa range by 1 and damage by 50% of 3.5 sec.

tier 5
D-gain 25 armor while stealth and 3 sec after, active grant additional 25 armor for 1 sec (total of 50).
1- also works on enemy mercs.
W- slow targets by 50% for 1 sec

tier 6
E- increase damage to 25% now explosion on expiration dealing 150 damage.
W- reduce the armor of the target closest to the center by 20 for 2 sec.
Q- hitting an enemy hero more than 1 time in a row reduce the cd by 5.
D- reduce active cd by 15 sec, and passive cd to 1.

tier 7
R1- each successful hit on the marked target reduce cd by 10 sec, if it dies refresh cd
R2- same
-active to switch place with a decoy after 1 sec delay, 60 sec cd.
W- gain a 2nd charge
- upgrade your weapon, according to your level 7 choice:
Assult -aa splash, increase snipe splash damage to 70%.
Plasma -aa and snipe deal additional damage equal to 3% of targets max health over 3 sec.
Sniper -increase range bonus after sniping to 2, and snipe Penetrates the first target.
Thanks for your efforts however, I think what Nova only needs is taking AoE damage talent of Snipe baseline!
Well, I don't think that's what Nova should be. There are some good ideas, but I can't really agree with most of it.

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