Urzael, Harbinger of Death, when???

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Pretty self explanatory. Urzael is seriously one of the best composed bosses in D3. Probably my favorite fight, and the best song you could possibly imagine from the OST. He would be pretty easy to implement I feel, and his diverse possible kit would make for a good tank.

My idea for him would be basically copy pasting his abilities, but change a few things around.

Description of the hero:
Urzael is a front line tank who charges his passive to properly engage on the enemy team with solid CC and damage.

D - Demonic Intent: Urzael uses this is a resource in order to power his offensive engage, the bar will go up to 1000. Urzael gains Demonic Intent from taking damage, killing minions/heroes, and using his Fiery Swing. (He will NOT gain charges from attacking, thus forcing him to engage only at the right time, he can be stopped by not being focused during a team fight, thus destroying his CC capabilities and damage output.) Upon reaching 1000, Urzael has the choice to activate this ability to become engulfed in flames and deal 25% more damage, 20% armor and passively burn all around him, the bar will go down by 75 every second, and his other abilities become free to cast in this time.

Q - Fiery Swing: Urzael swings his cannon in front of him with a 180 degree radius, at a medium range. This ability generates 100 Demonic Intent. (11 second cooldown; lowered by a talent pre-10)

W - Blazing Leap: Urzael can pick a location within low-medium range of him and leap into the fray, once he lands he deals a ticking burn to all of the enemies hit and slows them slightly.(Maybe 10-20%) Costs 150 Demonic Intent, and can become a stronger slow at a higher level talent(13 or16)

E - Slam: Urzael slams his immediate location dealing a small bit of damage to all around him, as well as stunning them. (You can talent at level 7 to give him a shield per enemy champion hit that will slowly deteriorate in order to force him to play aggressively for the few seconds he's shielded) Costs 200 demonic intent but refunds 50 per enemy hit, up to 150 refunded.

R1: Cannon Ball: Urzael shoots a short ranged burst shot in front of him that leaves all enemies in his path weakened, dealing 40% less damage to everyone they attack for the next 7 seconds, while also doing a small bit of damage that will leave a dot as well.

R2: Ceiling Shot(Could be called Hellfire as well, just using the ability names): Urzael fires his cannon upwards and causes debris to rain from above, it will target all enemies within his large ranged circle(Should cover about 35-40% of a lane) and will rain continually on random locations for the next 4 seconds)

Just a thought, could use tons of work, but I would love to see Urzael, and hopefully this will at least set the foundation for him to be implemented within a year or two.

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