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We all know that the Star Princesses and the Eternal Empires are at war, so why is it only Star Princess/Queen Li Ming fighting the Eternal Empire when they have Star Lord Leroic, Star Lich Kel'thuzad, Dark Queen Alextrazsa, Chlestial Empress Whitemane, and legions of Star Wraith Mephistos? I'm thinking they should add another skin for the Star Princess side. There are plenty of Spray choices you could pick from that I imagine are on that side, Eternity Princess Valeera and Magical Gal Chromie for example. I'm thinking Uther, Rexxar, or Matheal could get one, Uther being a knight and Rezzar being like a pathfinder with a mechanical bear as an ally, and Matheal (being a bad guy turned into a good one for this universe, the opposite of Alextrazsa) being like a Star Wraith, but reprogrammed into fighting for the Star Princesses. Heck maybe they could bring in Torb to be the person who reprograms it and he gets his own skin. Little side thought that I doubt will happen but whatever

Who do you thinking could get a Star Princess side skin?
Hmmm a Star Princess faction one? well this depends are we allowed to go for evil ones like the Alexstrasa or just good guys like Li Ming? if so we got Jaina a female caster who fits the bill of Good Guy but can also go with Naxx event Sonya where she gets a secondary Bad Guy skin that came after the good guy part, theres also the option of a neutral/good guy Deckard Cain being a universal Scholar who makes it his job to record the worlds of those destroyed by the Eternal Empire so they're never forgotten, Malthael is another option as a Eternal Empire wraith similar to Mephisto.
I think it's because the different tints of SP Ming are supposed to be several princesses, or at least that's what I interpreted from when it was released.

But still, wether that was the original intent or not, they could still add others (pretty sure Space Tyrant Leoric's description mentions "the Star Princesses", after all).

Like Damian said, Jaina is a pretty good fit. Maybe "Star Prince Kael'thas"? (the only male spellcaster i could come up with who's not an old bearded man)

Off-topic: we also need more Kaijo. I'm pretty sure some of the mecha skins descriptions imply there are more varieties than just Kaijo Diablo.
Yea they do i think the Dehaka one alludes to it as well in the Kaijuverse, Cho'gall being a huge legendary skin could be a great Kaiju, Anub is another good Kaiju option, Maiev Mecha too (since her abilities would match Kaiju containment.

Also i thought about Kael'thas for the Star Princessverse but i think Dark Prince Kael sounds better since he could combo with Alex's dark skin too from that same verse.
would love to se something like that for valeera
Actually, on the heroes wiki for Eternal Empire, it lists other heroes on the side of the Star Princesses: the Knight Owl Medivh skin and the Eagle Eye Tyrande skin.

Since the Star Princessverse is based off of Sailor Moon, I would suggest a Tuxedo Kael skin. Give him a tux with a red satin-lined cape and a top hat. Convert his massive elvish eyebrows into Tuxedo Mask's infamous mask.
I thought that the star princess resembled something i saw somewhere before, i figured it was just a copy of Marvel/DC since it also has hero sets of skins too.
09/19/2018 08:12 PMPosted by Damian
I thought that the star princess resembled something i saw somewhere before, i figured it was just a copy of Marvel/DC since it also has hero sets of skins too.

Upon looking into it further, you're absolutely right. It looks like there are a number of sources Blizz is pulling from for the Star Empire theme.

Here's the full list:

So far we've got Mad Martian Gazlowe, Cyberhawk Kael'thas, Star Lich Kel'thuzad, Star Princess/Queen Li Ming, Knight Owl Medivh, Star Wraith Mephisto, Super Sonya, Eagle Eye Tyrande, Celestial Empress Whitemane, Dark Queen Alexstrasza, and Space Lord Leoric.
hot take bliz should make a franchise skin for each of these themes that they've done, for all of the heroes, make at least one map for each and theme-lock the heroes to their respective skins for each when they play said maps or during events
Wouldn't mind seeing a Heroes of Earth/Star Princess vs Eternal Empire map tbh sounds cool.

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