New garden of Terror sucks?

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How ironic. This is now my least favorite map. Who knew I'd dislike a map more than towers.
Well done blizzard, you're actually moving the game backwards.
Its ok blizzard will say that people experience diferent things xxD. I serieously dont understand this isnt the only game its like this, balance team is on serious drugs or smthing, even altarac isnt balanced but you are able to return from there, and then they release this. I guess some noob players cried to devs for loosing in cheese ways to murky or smthing( i do understand that they want to put focus on objective and they should but this is not the way especially considering there are a lot of heroes that are either late game or not good for team fights). Do at least queue time for team league is reduced thanks to changes so that is better i guess.?
p.s having this map in quick match(most played mode) makes even less sence
garden of terror is not funny anymore, another generic map, so boring to play.

revert changes, is not too late blizz, just admit you failed hard.
I do not consider the original Garden of Terror as perfect. It was far from it and it needed a rework... just not THIS...

But this rework spits into the face of what makes HotS stand out in regards of battlegrounds. I know plenty that love HotS cause the large amount of battlegrounds offer great variety with Pretty much all being unique with their own themes and gameplay mechanics. Most applauded ones being the ones that combine PvE with PvP.

This Rework is a complete mistake. Blatantly copy-pasting successful mechanics (even Admitting the ripping off within the much maligned spotlight). It is literally just the Cursed map objective except it gives you super minions. They took a Battleground known for it's imperfect, but memorable mechanic and gave it probably the Safest Rework ever.

All identity is gone and if they thought it was the "Least liked" of the BG...well i don't think this is going to change that.
The general problem of blizzard(for most games) is that they work all of their projects in advance for at least 6 motnhs (and they will release stuff out without proper testing) so without the consideration that something will be broken sadly. :( plus PTR olny serves to find out bugs that you have in the game( even here they are late to fix)
I do not like what they have done.
eh. It's basically the same as any other map now, but with a change of scene. I guess that's something.
09/22/2018 07:38 PMPosted by FLEEVY
I haven't played the new version, but I was meh on the old version. Maybe it'll be fun. I think the new Hanamura is a big improvement.

So you not only didn’t play the new version that this topic is about, but you’re trying to change the topic to a completely different battleground.

ON TOPIC, the new Garden of Terror is .... Alterac Pass, basically. Channel one of two things on the map, and three things appear in each lane to attack things. Just like Alterac Pass.

What exactly was the feedback Blizzard received about the battleground? Did it really need to be changed that much? They couldn’t have reduced the seed-gathering objective to one location on the map instead of two, and kept it the same otherwise? That was really my only complaint about it, that the objective was spread out too much, but even that wasn’t that big of a deal if your team communicates.

I hate the changes.
The old Garden wasn't viable in higher level competitive play because there is no reason to contest the objective when you can just go to the other one. However I dislike the new Garden because it feels just like Cursed Hollow now. There's no uniqueness to the map, the rework was put out without much thought and for its own sake.

I think a better solution that was suggested before would be to limit the spawns to one place at a time so that teams would have to fight over them. Perhaps also make it so that the boss shambler couldn't do as much damage or stun/root heroes. Maybe these changes still wouldn't make the map good for competitive play, but not all maps have to be for pro play.
The objective is way too strong.
Whoever decided to completely destroy Garden of Terrors with this shameful rework should be fired immediately
It has made water fall out from my eyes
Crap map
A week has passed and Blizzard is still silent about the new map (I remind you that we have the 21st century and we do not need to use pigeons). They wrote something on the reddit during the AMA, but nothing specific. Their approach to the subject begins to irritate me. I understand that they have worked hard on new changes and do not want to withdraw from it, but these changes are very bad, it's a huge step backwards. They must withdraw from these changes, and the sooner the better.

If this change happens, it means that they do not care about our opinion. This means that other changes will also introduce our opinion. The idea is simple, make HOTS look like LOL and try to sneak some players.
If so, I will quickly give up HOTS.
09/25/2018 10:31 PMPosted by reidwas
Next rework is Dragonshire. You have to collect 3 shrines then 3 dragons lane.... I cant wait until all maps are just mini clones of themselves with different artwork. This game really is slowly dying, just hanging on a thread now.

I think if they rework Dragon shire they already have an idea for it as it was show in the Fall of kings crest comic....
Collect 2 shrine pieces, than both heroes who has the pieces go channel the DK, and it will push down the lane with less PvE dmg dealt to.
Like a Battlefield of warhead shire...
I honestly cannot believe they launched this reworked map on the live servers. The backlash on the You Tube video alone should have been enough. Did you even listen to the communities reaction and opinion on the rework? The moment I saw the whole video online when they announced it I just shook my head and thought maybe it is just me, then I see the videos dislikes and also all the negative comments, yep officially a failure and everyone agrees.

My experience of this map is simple and opinion is the same as everyone else. The objective is far too overpowered in its current form, it is a copy and paste of the mechanics of Cursed Hollow but with a different skin AND finally ruined what made the map unique. This rework needs to be reverted immediately or removed from rotation NOW!

Bring back the unique day and night cycle and the player controlled objective. Where you could actually use player strategy for offence and defense of each teams objective.
new GoT is a trash,bring back the old one,or make reworkthat wont change the map in such a drastical and unoriginal way.
if i ever see this map again , I'll instaleave
09/27/2018 03:34 AMPosted by Nightknight
if i ever see this map again , I'll instaleave

after that rework i wish there would be a map ban. lol. I dont know what blizzard was thinking about but just look at the forums and you willsee no one defending changes however you can easily find people who say/ i didnt like old GoT but new one is even worse.Thats realy says something.Almost no one likes new map
People have been complaining about this map in these very forums for years. I can't wait until they rework blackhearts bay a map there are several threads a week calling for deletion only to have threads like you knobs saying if it ain't broke...

Frankly if blizzard had never listened to you people to start with their game would be in a much better place right now.

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