When are you going to release Blackthorne??

Hero and Skin Suggestions
If lost vikings made it to the game, let us see more classic characters brought to life again!!
Hopefully soon.

I'm still keeping my (pipe)dream alive that in 2019 they'll have a Classics event with 1 or 2 heroes and a map from that universe, just like 2015 was Diablo, 2016 Starcraft, 2017 Overwatch, and 2018 Warcraft(ish... It "only" had one map, though... Unless they give us another Warcraft map at Blizzcon, or something).
I can't wait to see Blackthorne hero being in the game. Q: shotgun blast, W: Roll bomb on ground, E: Go 2D mode and hide in the "wall," R: Remote bomb
I would pick Blackthorne over Imperius or Deathwing as the next hero. Not even kidding. Maybe it's because I am a nostalgic geezer that will turn 30 in a couple of months but I need more Blizzard Classics.
I don't want to be pessimistic, but i don't think they're ever going to release Blackthorne. TLV are the only classic characters we have, and they came out like 3 years ago. The chances are incredibly low

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