Bremm Sparkfist. Yes

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Big Thanks for bringing Mephisto to the game, just won a team ranked with Diablo and Mephisto on our side.

So initialy i hoped mephisto would have the spawn of sparkfists council member as an Ult, but thankfully he did not.

as topic title stated, and if the community agrees, i would be much hiped to see sparkfist in the mid/far future.

as a diablo fan, Andariel and Baal is more needed then sparkfists, but im sure they were beged like i beged for mephisto, so i will just bring this idea to the table.

Steven Boulanger
any hype? lmk what you guys think?
Bump - anybody got different point of view? or any interest at all O_O

maybe im the only one living in the Mephisto era fantasy

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