[PTR] Bug - Unable to channel/collect Seed

PTR Bug Report

While trying new Brightwing I stumbled across a bug in an AI match. Wondered why my (AI) team wouldn't pick up the Seed, then realized that I coulnd't do so also.

Around ingame time 18:00 min 1/3rd Chen (in his Ult form) channeled the Seed in the top right but it did not get picked up. After that the game went on about 10 more minutes. At 26 I myself tried to pick it up but i coudn't.

I'll send the replay file.

Hope this helps. :)
Hey Neifary,

Thank you much for the report and replay! We're investigating this issue and hope to have a fix in as soon as possible.

As a note, I've moved your report over to the PTR Bug Report forums. Please report any PTR specific bugs here!


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