So I got matched up against a 3700 MMR Master in Unranked.

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Could of been matched against a 5 man group of grandmaster players like me. Let’s just say it was a slaughterhouse.
Again with 2.5k mmr you're in the best 5% already. Hots doenst have many players.
This post is just inequtable.
That guy probably waited very long for that game. It's not his fault few ppl have his skills.
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Well.. at that range there are probably less than 10 people in the world. So according to you he should wait forever until there's enough people in 3700 range queuing at the same time?

I know volatile MMR average is dangerous for most of the cases, but sometimes is a necessity. I'm sure the other team had some crazy MMR disparities too. At least matchmaker makes sure that both teams are handicapped.

It was a 5 man premade with a 3700 vs our 3 man premade with average 2500 MMR. They should have put all 2000's on his team.
but you just said it was a premade? can you make some sense
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Assuming that MMR was correct, which it probably wasn't, that "master" probably waited in queue for over 10 mins only to get matched against a party averaging 2500. Happens at all levels, and makes for miserable games for everyone.

But if people regularly don't get ANY match after that long, they will quit eventually.
No significant or meaningful fixes are on the horizon. This game is screwed.
cant make people better, lord knows ive tried..
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Our average MMR is 2500. Upvote to tell "the man" that they need to fix matchmaking. This is stupid.

Confirm/Deny Unranked = Unranked = WHO CARES.

try harder next time nerd.

or put on big boy pants and try HL like a man.
As a high master and someone with QM MMR of 3544 (atm), I can say that this is pretty normal. Unranked and QM is rainbow matchmaking.
I am quite happy if the highest MMR difference in the game is under 1000.
Last time I checked 3 out of the last 10 games were within that range.

I think this is the worst one I've encountered this far.

For those who don't want to see the link:
-No one within 1000 MMR of mine
-highest MMR (3560), lowest MMR (1651)

A few days I was matched with someone who was legit new player (lvl ~16, 1377 MMR) got 454 MMR for winning that game). To be fair I queued with someone who had 2377 MMR that game, but I don't think that warrants being matched together.

QM/Unranked is rainbow matchmaking. Even at Prime time: masters with gold is pretty common. I've seen a drastic decrease in quality since about 2.0.
focus down the gm and win the game. besides, one good player cant carry a team full of potatoes. also mmr is very flawed anyway. if you started the game as a good player you stay in master forever and if you started as a bad player you stay in silver/gold because of mmr hell.
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However, you did play 4 melee into a junkrat and Malthael.

Why would you draft 4 Melee... Ever?

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