Abathur (Rework Concept)

Hero and Skin Suggestions
I have created a Abathur Rework Concept. What do you guys think?

My Goal is to make more Builds playable on him. If something is overpowered, it can be fixed by some Numbers :)

change the mule into a zerg drone and i'd be satisfied.
Baseline mule sounds pretty strong. Some zerg Verion would be nice. Very intersting storm talent for mines
You mentioned at level 4...
Assault Strain (moved from Level 13)
Locust explode on death for 102 (+4% per level) damage.
~New: Locust's also gain 50 Spell Armor and deal 25% aoe Damage with their Range Attacks

They don't have ranged attacks by default. That's an upgrade at level 13. I'd change the writing to "basic attacks" do AOE damage.

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