Hero and Skin Suggestions
Hey guys! Here are some ideas to streamline Zul'jin's talents and try to bring him into the meta. They are simple yet meaningful changes. His lack of mobility and the fact that he has to build his power over the course of the game really hurts him to be the hyper carry he's supposed to be. Let me know what you guys think!

Trait: Berserker/Amani Rage - Zul'jin passively gains 1% attack speed for every 1% of his max health missing. Toggle D to increase his Basic Attack damage equal to 2% of his max health and consumes 2% of his max health and change Regeneration to Degeneration. This damage ignores Armor.
Now has a 5 seconds cooldown

Baseline Quest You Want Axe? removed.
Basic Attack damage increased accordingly
Basic Attack range increased from 5,5 to 6

Q: Grievous Throw - Throw an axe into a line, dealing some damage and marking enemies for 3 seconds. Zul'jin's Basic Attacks deal 50% more damage to marked enemies and grants him 10% movement speed for 2 seconds, up to 20%.
Now pierces all target.
The increased Basic Attack range and bonus movement speed should make up for the lack of mobility.
Skillshot, 8 seconds cooldown, 50 mana cost

W: Twin Cleave - Throws 2 axes in a large, circle arc that revoles twice, each dealing 90 damage (down from 116) and slowing by 10% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 30%.
60 mana cost, 14 seconds (up from 10 seconds)

E: Regeneration - Zul'jin channels to regenerate 50% (up from 30%) of his maximum Health over 4 seconds. Moving while channeling or taking damage will interrupt this effect.
Instant (channeling), 50 mana cost, 25 seconds cooldown
E: Degeneration - Activate to cause Zul'jin to instantly lose 50% of his current Health and heal for that amount over 10 seconds.
Instant, 50 mana cost, 25 seconds cooldown

R1: Taz'dingo - Basically no changes.

R2: Guillotine - Damage increased from 330 to 350 (old nerf revert).

Level 1
Q: Quest - Basic Attack enemy marked enemy Heroes. Reward - Gain 1 Basic Attack damage, up to 40. After reaching 40 stacks, increases Grievous Throw bonus damage to 75%.
Headhunter: Quest - Zul'jin's first Takedown against each enemy Hero permanently increases his damage dealt by 2%. Reward - After getting Takedowns on every enemy Hero, Basic Attack range is increased by 1 (down from 1,1).
Recklessness: Gain 3% (+0,25% per level) Spell Power for every 10% missing Health. max 15% at level 1, 25% at level 20.

Level 4
Forest Medecine (E): Reduces the channeling of Regeneration to 2,5 seconds (same healing) and Zul'jin can move and attack while healing. Taking damage still removes the healing effect.
E: Degeneration grant 15 Armor for 10 seconds.
Q: Basic Attack against marked enemy Heroes heal Zul'jin for 75% of the damage dealt.

Level 7
Arcanite Axes (W): Quest - Twin Cleave's damage is permanently increased by 0.5 every time it hits a Hero. Passive: Everytime it hits an enemy Hero, reduces its cooldown by 0,5 second.
Vicious Assault (Q): Increases the range and the duration of Grievous Throw by 50%. Reduces its cooldown and mana cost by 50%.
Ferocity (Trait): Increases the Attack Speed bonus of Berserker by 40%. Killing a target increases Zul'jin's attack speed by 5%, up to 40% for 8 seconds. Basic Attack against enemy Heroes reset the duration.

Level 13
Lacerate (W): Increase the slow of Twin Cleave to 15% and may stack up to 60%.
Eye of Zul'jin (Q): Increases the bonus movement speed granted by attacking marked enemies to 15%, up to 30% for 4 seconds.
Ensnare: Throw a net forward, Rooting the first enemy Hero hit for 2 (up from 1,5) seconds. 45 seconds cooldown.

Level 16
No Mercy! (Q): Zul'jin's Basic Attack against enemy Heroes marked with Grievous Throw ignore positive Armor and Evasion and deals double damage against shields.
Wrong Place Wrong Time (W): If an enemy is hit by both Twin Cleave Axes at the same time, they take 100 (+4% per level) damage.
Trait/Q: While Amani Rage is active, Zul'jin's Basic Attacks deal bonus damage to enemy Heroes equal to 1% of their max health. This bonus is increased by an additional 2% of their max health if marked by Griveous Throw.

Level 20
W: Twin Cleave gains a second charge and all charges comes back at once.
You Want Axe?: Basic Attack now attacks everyone in a long, thin cone (equal to his Basic Attack range) in front of Zul'jin. Secondary targets take 60% of normal basic attack damage.
Amani Resilience (R1): Increase Taz'dingo's duration by 1 second. Upon expiring, Zul'jin heals for 50% of the damage he dealt during Taz'dingo. Also grants 1 second Unstoppable upon activation.
Buzzsaw (R2): After impact, the Guillotine continues forward, dealing 75% damage to enemies hit. If a Hero is killed by Guillotine, Zul'jin is instantly healed to full.

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