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So ive been playing everyone's favorite soul ripping duelist Malthael for a wile now and think he needs some better talents or some that need reworking. For instance his talent Ethereal Existence gives only physical armor up to 30 so 3 marks max. In one example I was in a game vs a Tychus and he took some trait talents witch although I had up to 2 marks active when i fought Tychus he managed to rip my HP very quickly so I was thinking why not combine both Ethereal Existence and Shroud of Wisdom together for overall armor wile maxing out at 15 total (5 per mark) or leave the 30 max that way he has some toughness when taking on other assassins and tanks in team fights or in ganking before an objective starts like in Cursed Hallow and Tomb of the Spider Queen, I know assassins are supposed to be low on over all health but it wouldn't hurt to add some layer of protection. Another idea is to give him a talent that rewards auto attacking marked targets for bonus damage like his Die Alone talent at level 4, the talent would be every 3rd auto attack on a marked target would deal ether bonus physical or spell damage and could be an alternative talent at mid/late game levels similar to Genji's trait Shingan when if all 3 Shuriken's land you deal extra damage. So over all Malthael is overall a good duelist assassin that is great vs warrior/tank team comps but could use some reworked talents/new talents to give more options when teamfights happen or for ganking before an objective starts. I hope you like my ideas to make Malthael slightly better in Hots let me know what you guys/gals think.
Or better yet revert him back to what he once was when he was released. Had the title Angel of Death now hes the Angel of annoyance/feeding.

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