Wahhh! Consume Souls is overpowered!

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and why does it work in league?
Because you can buy items against it.

Invalid point, try again.
Reason number 87 why LoL sucks.
LoL also has bs Champs like tryndamere.

Also, mephisto's ult not only damages and reveals, but slows and dismounts everyone on top of the lvl 20 reset.
09/13/2018 06:57 AMPosted by Fate
For example, characters in heroes have way more health and deal far more damage than League characters.

This basically cancels itself out.

"In <game x> heroes have 300 health and deal 20 damage per hit, but in <game y> they have 3000 health and deal 200 damage per hit, so heroes in <game y> are clearly tougher and more powerful."

Health and damage numbers scaling differently is irrelevant, what matters is "time to kill".

In any case, Consume Souls feels like a companion Ult to Diablo's Apocalypse. Consume slows, setting enemies up for the Apoc stun since they have difficulty escaping in time. I honestly don't care if another game has a similar ability, or if it is better or worse than Consume Souls. Once we get Baal, he better also have a global damage/setup Ult.

It's just too bad that Durance of Hate is as bad in comparison as it is: A skill shot with delay on cast, contols for a shorter period (barring the 3 second Silence with the level 20 talent) and deals far less damage.

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