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i am never that good in writing forum posts but i would love to see a Rock N Roll Racing announcer added. Larry to be specific, it would be so cool to hear his voice in Hots. i hope blizzard would add him as a announcer because that was what he was in RockNRoll racing, plus having another blizzard classic piece of content would be a sweet addition to the very small amount of blizzard classic content :)

just imagine hearing larry scream "your ally LIGHT HIM UP" :D
While I am all for that idea, in a recent interview (during Gamescom) a member of the development team mentioned the reason they don't add "personality" announcer (for example, famous streamers/casters) is that they have to take localization into account.

So what would the "Larry" announcer be like in any language other than english? would they just have somone try to immitate him? whould they have him try to narrate in many different languages (that he probably doesn't speak)?

Personaly, I would think it's completely adequate to have Larry only in english (just like "El Guapo" is only available in spanish), but I also understand why somone could think otherwise.

Having said all that... I think the best thing that could possibly hapen to this game is a "Silicon and Synapse" event, with classic heroes, maybe a map, and of course, the legendary Larry announcer as its centerpiece.

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