Why won't Blizzard buff Chen? Constantly ignored.

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Remove shield.
Instead give health regen that lasts 3 or so seconds. Timer starts when he stops drinking. Stacks up to 3 times and loses stacks over time. As well as the rate of his energy regen. Kinda mirroring the timing of being drunk.

With talents to support aggressive play to keep stacks going. Like kick to reset timer.

Basically remove the common "just sit there or die." As well as being crippled hard by stun.

Chen should be weak to burst but a good counter to sustain damage like zeeb or lunara imo.
I used to play Chen alot back when you could pick him in HL without getting instareported by the entire team for acusive chat. Hes still my highest level char even though I havent played him for a year. And Im still ranked 16th highest Chen EU on hotslogs. Says something about how little he is played and how shiet his winrate are these days.
Because hes a Panda!
Chen's trait needs rework. Every game a minimum of 2 enemy heroes negate his trait. That means no brew, no shields.
Earlier or later Blizzard shall rework him as other heroes with old mechanics.
He’s not useless with any cc. He can handle diablo pushes or tyrande stuns, just not both together. That’s why alarak is so strong against him. 2 forms of coordinated cc are too much for him. But i feel that this isnt an inappropriate niche. Coordinated cc can destroy anybody, it just happens to hurt chen more because it takes away all his tools to save himself.
09/20/2018 12:04 PMPosted by Baluba
I used to play Chen alot back when you could pick him in HL without getting instareported by the entire team for acusive chat. Hes still my highest level char even though I havent played him for a year. And Im still ranked 16th highest Chen EU on hotslogs. Says something about how little he is played and how shiet his winrate are these days.

But... but according to Devs his win rate is 47-49%, so he is in a very good spot!!! Damn, sometimes I think that Devs have no idea what they are doing. Do they even play this game?
I would have to agree right now Chen is sad.

There is not much talent variations that seem to work with him, most people always get the same combo, and it is probably because Blizzard has been dancing around the fact he is a multi-class hero but they want him to be a tank...

Blizzard needs to choose one or the other and then make talents that have the same amount of value so players get to choose based on the match set up instead of simply picking the "best" ones.

In QM he is not bad, but draft you are screwed if the enemy team knows what they are doing.
09/20/2018 11:02 AMPosted by MacWeak
Chen, illidan, DVA and rexxar are those heroes who will be a bit on the weaker side because they'd become ultra toxic to the game otherwise.
Does not mean they deserve to be that low but i would not like to see them being too prevalent either, they'd just break the game.
So give them fair buffs yeah, make them yrel level of meme power, hell no (still waiting for her real nerf batch btw).
Man, your argument is the worst.
09/19/2018 08:01 PMPosted by Werbs
Because any time he's decent people cry.

Any of the heroes that "can chase you down until the ends of the earth" is hard to balance. Illidan has a similar problem if you make him too strong people build whole teams around him and he just dominates.
I think Chen is probably "next", either as a reworked hero or we're simply going to see notes coming out for him with some changes. I'm guessing Blizzard is more focused on getting out changes that are going to be the most relevant for Blizzcon before trying to do something about a hero like Chen, who they've discussed before as being happy with him conceptually and at least for the most part by winrate, and that they are genuinely flummoxed when it comes to his extremely low popularity. The community makes it seem like he's pretty obviously a garbage hero for obvious reasons, but it's really not so clear-cut.

Chen's design issue is something I'm sure devs are slowly plugging away at when there's time. For now, he's actually quite good if you're picking him into smart drafts, which of course is... variable and fairly uncommon (I'd say Chen is THE pick in like 5% or less of my games, but functional and winnable in probably even more than half - but much less confidently than if I was playing another warrior in most of those other cases, because it is so much easier to play your own game with a strong kit like Blaze/Yrel than it is to play around everyone else's game with a kit designed to make small pushes in important places and survive/kite everything else).

That being said, he's really good at playing around a lot of other heroes' kits. Especially heroes where it's pretty evident why his current kit is tuned the way it is. If you've ever played Chen against Lunara, you know, then, what I'm talking about. And if you've played Chen against Greymane+Muradin with any of his builds, you know how crap he feels into teams that can engage on him soooooo much harder than he could possibly ever outtrade. Yeah, it's still winnable if your team is specifically designed to counterengage and protect from extreme burst (Medivh+Blaze). In fact it can be !@#$%^- hot. But then, is Chen the pick in that situation? I'm not really sure. I honestly don't think that's even been experimented with yet, and after a quick HotSlogs check, it's actually HORRIBLE but REALLY GOOD if you specifically get a Gul'dan or Ana or Deckard mixed in, I didn't really try the others since I didn't feel like trying the 20-30 other heroes that would fit in their slots, but most comps featuring Blaze+Chen+Medivh are showing <30% winrates while the good ones are shooting up to 58-70% winrates, I didn't even try taking out the Medivh or Blaze (I just pulled those heroes out of my butt when saying "counterengage and burst mitigation")

Obviously you could plug other heroes into that kind of a situation than Chen, but I mean, if you have a win condition you're aiming to achieve and Chen has the tools to do it, sometimes he might be the hero you actually want even if he's "not meta" or "not popular" (:nexusthink:) or you think he's junk, he has some great matchups and a toolkit that literally has uses lmao. If they never ever rework him, I won't honestly be that sad since I'm performing well enough on him at 2900 MMR and I feel like a lot of the heroes people don't think are useful actually are and people (pro players included) are slower to uncover "The True Meta of HotS" (cue confetti) than most people think. Here's looking at you, Octalysis
Honestly Chen's biggest problem is that he can interrupt his own drinking because of lag.
One of the most overpowered things chen can do is y-stepping and s-stepping. Animation cancelling dance or AA. Chen has some of the best in the game.

Also, splitpush Samuro: Keg Toss can prevent people from rotating until they get low enough you can jump in and wipe them 4v5 with Wandering Keg while Samuro finishes backdooring their keep and going core. New metas, yet unexplored POGGERS

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