Hanmura watchtowers no real watchtowers?

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Alexstrasza second Quest, Hanamura watchtowers aren´t acknowledged.
Ye same here...

What is this... There are not so many maps with watchtowers and then this...
only 1 map in the rotation has watchtowers, and its a very small chance to play that single map, couldn't get it to work through custom either.
This was really not thought through... not only hanamura does not work but there is only 1 map in rotation.
In the official map rotation there are NO maps with watchtowers. This means the quest is IMPOSSIBLE to complete unless you play hero league. I'm disappointed too. I really hope they make an announcement when this and the whitemane quest bug are fixed!
Cursed Hollow is secretly in the rotation. Maybe it is always there because it's the newbies map?

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