Help Blizzard!!! Abuse in Ranked Games by BUG

Bug Report
every season the same story: people sabotage all placment games in HL and TL, by trolling / AFK or feed, becouse they get Master 1000 point anyway. After that they get very easy games and can climb Grandmaster without problems.

This system my friends use for every season, but for people like me, who started lower rank and have to climb, its inpossible to play in the first weeks of new season.

Plz fix this abuse, even if we "normal" people allready got punished in our placement games ...

btw. i cant upload replay to show the abuse / sabotage
The proper way to report this is in-game. The forums are not a means to bypass this way.

The reports get sent to a special team that investigates. It takes time and multiple player reports.

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