20 games 4 wins QM

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09/29/2018 06:18 PMPosted by Draco
Good players climb?

I'm almost tempted to agree with you for once. But my heart is telling me not to.
When it comes to QM, I personally do not see how they could balance the matches:

1. You do not know what map you are going to play. Many heroes shine on some maps and are weak others, so getting the right map is RNG based.

2. Party sizes can vary in size and MMR range between members. So a grandmaster can run with a bronze.

3. You do not know what your party or enemy comp will be. The comp can literally be all over the place or missing tank/support. You also pick the hero in advance and have no means of changing.

4. It would be a problem to force comps since it would likely increase wait times drastically in many cases. It would also be hard to enforce since a premade group can bypass them.

5. I do not see how they can quantify the variable of a hero and its team comp. Things like the amount and type of cc and synregies.

6. There is a mind set of "it is just quick match". This is the mode most go to in order to practice/level new heroes in a pvp setting. It is also the mode where people play whatever they want, even if the hero in question is undertuned, overtuned, overpowered, or just non meta.

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