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Alterac Pass - Bad
Babysitting the NPC core makes it tough to get to the camps, and the timer countdown is the same for both teams, even if only one has captured all objectives up until then.

Dragon's Shire - Very Bad
Reaching the shrines is not a possibility when you have every lane pushed down to your base. Not only it makes it obvious you're strolling there, but also you take moderate damage along the way. Contesting a late game dragon, if they still got their base up and you don't, is downright impossible.

Braxis Holdout - Bad
Somewhat easier compared to Dragon's shire due to the possibility of exiting base through a non-lane door, but even so, the capturing process remains the same, even if your team has lost every zerg wave.

Warhead Junction - OK
Map is very big, and nukes are positioned in many places where you can ensure your team at least gets one. Mostly OK because the nukes aren't that strong.

Volskaya Foundry - OK
The capture timer isn't any more beneficial to you for having lost every objective, but at least it guarantees a fair 5v5 situation in a wide area more or less.

Cursed Hollow - Good
Losing one objective isn't that bad because they need 3 to do some real damage. The existence of bosses gives you a valid option in case you get some picks or simply choose not contest objective.

Blackheart's Bay - Very bad
While it is appreciated how the coin number gets higher and higher for the opposing team, it is at the end meaningless due to how the coins are obtained in the first place: by controlling the mid map; something you won't be doing if you're behind structure-wise.

Hanamura - OK
The payload having a more favorable route to you the 2nd and 3rd time is a nice touch.

Infernal Shrines - OK
This one feels fair to me, despite not offering even the slightest advantage to the losing team. Perhaps its the map design and navigation. Also the punishers aren't particularly strong or focus structures too much. Wonder how would it be if the winning team had to kill 2 more grunts each round?

Battleground of eternity - OK
No difference whatsoever, but at least it's easily reachable through the middle gate and 2 lanes makes it easier to defend as well.

Tomb of the spider queen - Very good
You can get gems even farming waves at your base, there are 2 places to exchange, a boss and the gem amount increases for each team on successful trade-in.

Sky temple - Very bad
Getting to a temple is hard when waves are constantly pushing. That and the more structures they have, the less likely you'll get value out of holding control over the objective. So that even if you control 1 of the 2 temples late game, they'll be hitting your keeps / core while you are still hitting one of their outside forts.

Towers of doom - Very good
This is probably the craziest map for comeback swings. I've won matches with less than 5 points left, and lost some in the same manner. That doesn't make it random though, you shouldn't be losing if you have the advantage.

Haunted mines - Bad
The extremely oppressive camp respawns, along with watchtowers and a map objective that encourages splitting, make this map not very comeback friendly. It is also impossible to somehow make your team get more skulls, because the amount given per camp is always the same.

Garden of terror (new) - OK
Different seed locations, easy time getting there, favorable camp locations, somewhat weak map objective (weaker than alterac at least). Is it more comeback friendly than the older GoT? Probably. Because the existence of 2 pve minibosses meant that even if you controlled one, the enemy could still get enough seeds by getting the other, or that you would need to kill both of them in order to deny the enemy their game winning terror, further slowing down your comeback factor.


So there you have it, in my opinion even maps with a 'bad' rating can get a pass. But Dragon's Shire, Sky Temple and Blackheart's bay need a desperate adjustment or rework. Those 3 happen to also be my most disliked maps (the latter one probably the most disliked map by everyone on the game).

Don't get me wrong though, BHB is unique, but the focus on PVE and snowballing games is a little too strong. I think this could change if the treasure boxes spawned near each base instead of down at the middle.

Dragon's Shire maybe needs a side path like Infernal Shrine and WHJ does, so you can more easily (and more stealthily) can reach the shrines without alerting every enemy in the map.

Sky Temple... Even if you win a fight as the last man standing or 2, you'll probably not be able to contest anything if you are playing someone with no sustain. Tone down the pve damage please.

It's not about punishing winning teams, it's about making games less snowballish and more back and forth. Not much, just enough.
You underestimate the comeback potential of BHB. And overestimate CH.
!@#$ this forum nobody wants a good discussion thread

This is a slow forum, stop bumping every few minutes. Also, you place Alterac as bad, and Blackheart as very bad, your ratings are very inconsistent. Here are a few thoughts.

Hanamura's alternate routes don't do much when you're consistently losing TFs, all you can do is to go for your mercs instead, but only one lane has a good pushing merc.

Blackheart's coin distribution at least could give you the option to gank heroes trying to solo camps. How and when you get and deliver coins can be more varied than how you cap the objective in Alterac for example, there's almost no solo capping in Alterac.

Dragon Shire is unique in that you don't even need to cap a single dragon in the whole match. One team can totally play around pushing more and simply denying a shrine. If you're all fighting for a shrine and dying over and over again that's on you, not the map. Try to get the shrine with the least resistance not the one with the entire enemy team waiting for you, and you can also move between lanes to avoid detection.

LOL at the ok for the new Garden. It forces team fights, totally wrecks 3 lanes while disabling structures, denying defenders advantage, gives a very solid level lead and very little time between seeds, so the team defending has almost no time to go for anything beyond clearing the mess.
I can't believe you think new GoT is more comeback friendly than old GoT. new GoT is, if anything, like Cursed Hollow but withoutt he bosses alternative. The possibility of obtaining seeds without having to teamfight allowed the team with the level disadvantage to wait for the right time to push. I experienced a lot epic comebacks in old GoT, while the comebacks I have experienced so far in the new GoT are 0.

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