TL Placement bugged?

Bug Report
Finished my placement, 10W-0L and got placed gold 1.
Been playing since alpha, played master/gm in HL every season and master in TL in the seasons where i played. never got placed lower then master 1k (or diamond 3 with old system). However i didn't play TL for 2 seasons.
I did read another topic where someone said this is why i got placed at gold. However, i played all the placements together with a friend, who didn't play TL for 5 seasons, and he got placed master 1k?

And also, iam still banning instead of diamonds, so whats up with that?
something must have changed about it since it now supports parties of players in combination with solo players

i ended up in gold 3 after 8-2 and my games were literally full of horrible players (bronze portraits that still had 1st bans)

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